Maleficent Available on Nov 4




Maleficent is a great Disney film now available on DVD.  Starring Angelina Jolie, and Elle Fanning.


The King, Stephen, when he was a little boy he wandered into the enchanted forest and stole a rock from the river.  Maleficent came to see what everyone was scared of, she saw him and told him to put it back into the river.  He told her he didn’t know what she was talking about.  Maleficent said it was behind his back, so he threw it back in. 

The King and Maleficent hang out all the time and end up falling in love.  He goes to touch her and the metal on his ring burns her.  So he throws it across the field, never to hurt her again.  He ends up being her first kiss, and promises to come back and see her.  Then, skipping ahead to their 30s, he never came back to see her.  Leaving her heart hardened.  She never believed in true love again.

When Aurora’s born, the 3 fairies are granting her different gifts.  Maleficent comes in and gives Aurora the “gift” of pricking her finger on the spinning wheel when she turns 16, and has to be awakened by her true love.  The King has every spinning wheel put in the dungeon of the castle, and destroys them all.  The fairies come up with the idea to take Aurora into the cabin in the woods to protect her from Maleficent, and the King agrees.

Maleficent watches her grow up from the window of the cabin, trying to hate her, but finding herself fonder and fonder of her.  Aurora finds Maleficent in the woods when she is 15, and tells her to come out, not to be scared.  Maleficent says that Aurora will be the one scared when she shows herself.

So we don’t give the plot away, go buy your copy November 4,  to see what happens next.




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