Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Updates it’s App to iPhone!



One of my favorite thing to do after a long hard day is to sit back and relax with a good puzzle. If you visit my home today you’ll see that I have many puzzle books stashed around my home. But just the other day I found a puzzle app that I just love! This app called Magic Jigsaw Puzzles was only available to iPad until their recent updates.

After seeing much success for the app on the iPad it’s now available to you on the iPhone which I’m delighted to share with you!! I no longer have to sit back and wait for my daughters to finish using my iPad in order for me to relax and play Magic Jigsaw Puzzles. I can now download the app directly to my iPhone now with ease……yay!! I’m happy to see that the creators of this app took its updates much further than just having the Magic Jigsaw Puzzle on iPad only. The Magic Jigsaw Puzzles has even been updated to work with these operating systems too iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows.

This really is a fun app to play!! Since playing I noticed it has way more options to increasing the puzzle pieces unlike others I have played. I’ve played this game quite a few times since downloading and I do believe I have become addicted because I play it every night before bedtime*smiling*!!

I still have a few things to learn about this app like learning how to rotate the pieces, and beware some of these puzzles are very tricky! There’s a huge selection of picture puzzles you can work on, and the free packs are pretty awesome.


The puzzles are colorful themed pictures with nice relaxing music that will help you relax while you play!

Here’s more of what’s included:
– More than 5000 beautiful, high-definition puzzles – feel free to explore and play it all!
– Constantly updated pictures gallery and new free puzzle every day!
– 5 levels of difficulty (up to 550 pieces): start as a begginer and become a master!
– Rotation mode for a greater challenge. Move pieces in groups!
– Create your own puzzles from your pictures!
– Work on more than one puzzle at a time and see your progress!
– Great Music Collection: choose the background melody you like to create the most relaxing atmosphere.

Remember with the new updates for the iPhone, iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows versions you can create many puzzles as you wish with ease!



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8 years ago

SO Cool! My kids Love puzzles!! Can’t wait to try this! Thanks for posting!