Level Life: Why Every Parent Needs to Fear Diabetes




It’s the disease that people used to think only old people got. It’s the disease that’s so stigmatized, people are often embarrassed to say they have it. Diabetes.


More than 29 million people in the US have it. More than 350 million people worldwide have it. It’s global and it’s deadly. Historically those with Type 1 diabetes, an auto-immune disease, have represented less than 10% of all diagnosed cases. The other 90% represent a societal challenge that Americans should really fear. Type 2 diabetes is often associated with lifestyle risk factors including being overweight, not getting enough exercise and consuming large amounts of carbs and sugar.


The scariest part, Type 2 has historically been a disease only for adults. However in recent years we’re now starting to see KIDS diagnosed with Type 2. The short-term health implication is enormous.


These kids will face the health burdens of a senior citizen before they turn the age of 40.


So what can we do to save the next generation from diabetes? Eat less carbs and sugar. Our society over the last six decades has become one that prides itself on the largest sandwiches, the all you can eat pasta restaurants and free fries. We’ve become a nation that focuses more on making the carbs addicting, and less on the proteins and veggies. Needless to say, our waistlines have ballooned up over time. Keeping your weight in check is a key tool in keeping Type 2 diabetes away from your household.


So here are 4 things to remember when choosing food for the family to help the fight against the disease:


1. Avoid having more than one starch in each meal

2. Fruits are ok, fruits juices should be limited

3. Fried foods have tons of carbs in the breading

4. Focus on eating proteins and veggies, make carbs the exception, not the standard.


Together, we can fight diabetes as families, in communities. We can shape the way our kids think about food and the future of their health. After all, we are a nation filled with amazing people eager to do what’s best for our children.


~  Written by the founder of LEVEL Life, Ethan Lewis 


Ethan Lewis

Person Thriving With Diabetes

Founder of LEVEL Foods



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8 years ago

I agree with your dietary advice and wish everyone knew how important it is to cut down on starchy carbs and sugar! I have radically changed my diet in the recent past and have gone completely grain-and-potato-free! I’ve minimized sugar but am aiming to cut it out altogether, as well.

8 years ago

I didn’t know that diet could cause diabetes. I thought it was hereditary. I guess you can learn something new every day.