Learning to Invest in the Little Spare Time You Have


Not all the readers of this blog are Moms, but all of our readers are busy. If you’re like most busy people in the United States, you understand that investment is an important part of sound personal finance, but you can’t muster the time or energy to start investing. You aren’t alone. More than half of Americans never invest in the stock market at all, even though it’s often sold by the media as the only reliable way to get enough money to retire.

It’s important to realize that stock market investment isn’t the only way to invest. In fact, there are dozens of other ways. While certain 21st century startups like Betterment have somewhat simplified the process of stock market investment, it still takes a lot of time and research to understand what you’re doing. Additionally, you’ve got to maintain large monthly contributions if you want to optimize this path for an excellent retirement. If you’re just trying to find the time to pick up the kids, go to school, maintain your business, or all of the above, you simply don’t have the time.


It’s life factors like these that make Forex so popular these days. Forex investment is among the fastest ways to build wealth anywhere, all because of the way that the internet makes information quickly accessible to all. With Forex, we’re talking about the values of global currencies. As a new Forex user, you will create an account with a trusted Forex broker like ETX Forex Trading. Their interesting investment model allows you to invest money in your prediction about how a currency’s value will change in the short term. If you get it right, you’ll get dividends based on how much you invested and how much the value changed in the direction you predicted.


There are more details than that, but for the purposes of our conversation, Forex investment works for people like our readers, because investments can be performed quickly and for little money. Rather than having to wait years for stock market investments to grow (if they grow at all), you know when you initiate a Forex investment just how long it will take to complete. With limits offered by many of the best brokerage sources, you’ll also know exactly how much you stand to lose if the price changes don’t go your way. Because most sites only require you to make a first deposit of a couple hundred dollars, you won’t have the financial obligation of thousands of dollars to contribute yearly, as most stock-based IRA programs will.


The only thing that might take extra time is learning about the currencies you’re using for your investments. To be great at Forex investment, you’ll have to make educated decisions about your price speculations. Know what to look for with forex funded accounts. This requires a little homework. As you learn more about the currencies you’re most interested in, you’ll learn to see value momentum without all the research. The best Forex investors can spend just a few minutes a day and make a lot of money. You won’t start out at this level, but with a little practice, Forex can be your new way to prepare for retirement, or just make a little extra cash, all from the comfort of your mobile device or computer.

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