Kitchen Tools and Appliances Every Mom Should Have


Are you looking for a kitchen tool or appliance to gift your mom? Or are you the mom in search of new gadgets that could make your kitchen experience a whole lot better? If so, this list of must-have kitchen essentials is for you. 

Cool Kitchen Tools 

Many of these tools cost below $50, but they are priceless when it comes to food prep. 

  • Sushi-making kit: If you’ve got a household obsessed with sushi, wow them with your homemade sushi. The secret to producing restaurant-quality sushi? It’s a kit that lets you roll with ease. 
  • Butter cutter: This cool kitchen invention lets you slice equally-sized butter for your toast every time. You slide an entire block of butter into the device then “dispense” butter slices as needed. 
  • Claw shredder: For anyone who loves pulled pork, the claw shredder isn’t just a time-saver, it’s an absolutely fun piece of kitchen tool as well. Bring your Wolverine vibes into the kitchen and shred your meat to your heart’s content – you’ll never look back and shred the boring way ever again. 
  • Garlic press: Love cooking with garlic but hate how the smell lingers on your fingers? A garlic press reduces the chances of garlic smell sticking to your hands because it can peel, press, and dice garlic without you touching the actual garlic. 
  • Herb scissors: You don’t need to get your kitchen shears out anymore when garnishing with herbs. You’ll be saving time just cutting herbs straight from the stalk. And since it is designed with special grooves, the cut herbs would still look as though you’ve diced and sliced them manually. 
  • Egg slicer: If you want uniformly sliced hardboiled eggs every time you prepare them, the egg slicer will solve this specific problem. 
  • Veggie spiralizer: Spiralizers make food prep extra fun. You can spiralize a bunch of fruits and vegetables such as beet, carrot, cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, onion, broccoli, bell pepper, apple, radish, turnip, pear, and more.
  • Mandoline slicer: For those who want a food processor, but do not have the budget yet, the mandoline slicer can be a good alternative in slicing, dicing and cutting food with precision and ease. The only difference is that this tool is manual, so you’ll need a bit of effort to slice your fruits and veggies. 

Must-Have Kitchen Appliance

  • Hardboiled egg cooker: If you have small kids who cannot get enough hardboiled eggs, or your salad always includes eggs for that added boost of protein, then this cooker is a must-buy. Plus, boiling eggs in this device frees up space you’d normally 
  • Electric griddle: Do you miss your grill, but do not have the time to set it up? Or maybe the weather isn’t ideal for outdoor grilling? An electric griddle can be a good grill alternative, plus serve more meats and vegetables than your ordinary pan. 
  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer: There is no competition when it comes to stand mixers. The KitchenAid is hands down the best stand mixer in the market not only because it lasts decades, but also because its functionality can be extended with every accessory you decide to add. 
  • Food processor: If you’re not a fan of food prep, you need to invest in a quality food processor so it does all the slicing, cutting, dicing, and mincing for you. Food processors are available in small to commercial sizes. 
  • Slowcooker, multicooker, and Pressure cooker: For moms who are busy all throughout the day, but still prefer to cook their family meals from scratch, a pressure cooker, slow cooker or multicooker can be a life-saver. Obviously, each of these appliances works somewhat differently, but they can all be left to cook on their own without your food getting burnt. 
  • Airfryer: If you’re trying to cut back on calories, remove excess oils from your diet. Unlike before when you’re doomed to eat boiled veggies and crunch-less food while dieting, having an airfryer totally changes the dieting game and allows health-conscious people to eat fried food without too much oil. 
  • Blender and juicer: Make smoothies and healthy fruit juices from scratch with a high-powered blender or juicer. These kitchen devices come in one-cup to large-sized models, so pick depending on how many people in your household will benefit from blended or juiced drinks. 
  • Bread machine: For households that cannot survive without bread every day, a bread machine is a pretty handy kitchen appliance that even young kids can operate. 

Which One Should You Get?

If your goal is to make meal prepping easier, invest in the garlic press, mandoline slicer, and food processor first before any other tool.

If you’re a busy parent, check out the multicookers, bread machine, and hardboiled egg cooker.    

If you have the budget, get them all! You won’t regret adding these items to your kitchen.

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SQF Consultant
1 year ago

There are a lot of kitchen tools and appliances out there that can help you make tasty meals for your family. However, not all of them will be useful to you! I’ve come up with a list of tools and appliances that every mom should have, so let’s get started.