Keeping Kids Safe is Everyone’s Job


In a perfect world, every child would be safe. The harsh reality proves that many children are unsafe. It’s not only up to the parents of the child to be safe, but it’s also the responsibility of everyone they come in contact with. There are ways that each individual can remain alert and understand the signs that a child they encounter might be in danger, even during travels. Children can not only be in danger from other people, but certain products they use can also pose great danger. 

Let’s assess what you can do to keep children safe.

Safety in School or Daycare

During the time in which children are in school or daycare, it’s important for them to feel safe and trust their teachers. Teachers are responsible for children, which is why it’s important to find the right educators for your child. Encourage open communication with your children, and be vigilant if they express any trouble in school with bullying or feeling uncomfortable in any way. Ensure the school has an active emergency plan in place.

Product Safety

Children are often in contact with a variety of consumer products every day. Ensuring that children use only safe products for their age group is important. It’s also crucial to keep products such as space heaters, items with drawstrings, medications, and exercise equipment out of their reach. If your child is injured on a defective or dangerous product, learn about Pritzker Oslen practice areas to find an attorney and help relieve any burden this product caused your family.  

Help Children in Other Countries During Travels

Not only is it vital to keep your children safe during travels, but it’s also important to keep an eye on other children you encounter as well. Avoid giving money to children begging in the streets because this only encourages them to be sent out repeatedly. If you want to be generous, there are many reputable charities and organizations you can donate your money to in order to help children and families. Alert travel guides, hotel staff, or anyone else that can turn the situation into local authorities. It’s also important to avoid giving children on the streets gifts because this teaches them that it’s okay to trust strangers.

Knowing Signs of Abuse and Other Dangers

Not all abused children exhibit obvious red flags of abuse. Many times, children are too scared of their abuser to tell someone about it, which is why it’s vital for you as the adult to be their voice. Children will often deny abuse allegations due to fear. Some signs of abuse include:

·  Dramatic change in eating habits

·  Anxiety

·  Depression and withdrawal

·  Trouble walking or sitting

·  Changes in school performance and missing school

·  Unexplained injuries

If you encounter a child that you believe might be the victim of abuse, contact your local Child Protective Services. Keep this number in your phone for quick reference. If you believe a child is in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.

Children rely on adults for protection, a sense of security, and to be their voice when they are too scared to talk. Be vigilant in looking for the signs of abuse and know what you can do to help them. Your children are not your only responsibility; it’s also your responsibility to ensure the children you encounter are also safe.

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