How To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Active in the Winter Months


The winter months can be tough for a mom, as your children grow restless from being indoors all the time. Luckily, there are ways you can help your kids battle the winter blues and stay both physically and mentally healthy. With some creative techniques and activities — like indoor exercises, mindful meditation and healthy meals — you can keep your family active and in high spirits. Here are some tips to help you keep your family healthy throughout the winter:


The food your children put into their bodies will affect their mood, behavior, energy and overall health. In the wintertime, when your child spends a good amount of time indoors, you must be extra mindful that the foods they consume will support their indoor lifestyle. Be wary of food groups that are low in nutrition and high in sugar, as sporadic blood sugar levels will make it difficult for your child to be productive and healthy. Make sure your family’s diet is packed full of nutritious fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein. During wintertime it may be hard to find your child’s favorite sources of fruits and vegetables, however, there are wonderful seasonal varieties that you can integrate into your family’s diet. Winter squash, kale, and Brussels sprouts are an excellent source of nutrition and also tasty, seasonal additions to your family meals. Epicurious has a family-friendly recipe for a delicata squash and kale, cheesy casserole that the kids will love. This winter root casserole has a sense of familiarity with it, as it is lasagna-like, which will make it a more approachable dish for even the pickiest of eaters. The dish only takes 45 minutes to make, which is perfect for the mom who doesn’t have hours to spend in the kitchen.

Physical Exercise

Keep your kids active, even when they are indoors for the duration of the day. The best method of keeping your kids engaged in safe, physical exercise is through the purchase of a video game console. Choose a console that is compatible with different games that require movement, like Wii Fitness Games for Kids, Let’s Cheer and Zumba. Common Sense Media has an extensive list of the best fitness games for kids that are appropriate for all ages. If you do have an opportunity to leave the house, you should engage the family in a winter recreational activity. It is never too young to get the kids started on snow sports, such as snowboarding, ice skating, and skiing. These activities will help your kids burn their energy and also allow the opportunity to get into the great outdoors. Most winter resorts offer a kids’ rate for rentals, lessons and lift tickets, which will keep the cost of all the fun in a lower price range.

Brain Exercises and Educational Entertainment

Not only is it important that your kid exercises their body, they should also exercise their brain. When your child has their two-week winter break from school, you should have some brain games stockpiled at home to keep them sharp. Some timeless, learning-based board games you should have handy include chess, checkers, backgammon, cranium, and Scrabble. You can also log your kid onto your laptop to access Cool Math Games, which is a free site that offers a number of engaging, math-based games. If you have an older child that is always on social media, challenge them to follow accounts that they may learn something from. You kid can learn about the wonders of the world through following the Facebook account of National Geographic, how to stay healthy through Amway’s Instagram and learn about the world through Washington Post’s Snapchat.

When your kids are cooped up in the winter months, you shouldn’t feel despair, as there are many ways to keep them healthy and active. Try some different techniques and activities to see what best suits your child’s interests and keeps them engaged.


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Thanks for sharing!It was really informative.It is winter now and I will definitely use these tips.My kids get bored spending whole day indoors.Purchasing a video game console is a great idea.Have read this post at the right time.Keep sharing!
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