Is It Safe To Give Your Baby A Bath In The Sink?


Parents started collecting all types of baby products, gadgets, and gear even before the baby arrives. While buying all those things, most of them forget about the tubs. So, they opt for nothing but using the sink to bathe the baby. This thing may leave you wondering, is it safe to give your baby a bath in the sink?

Well, using a sink is absolutely safe to give your child a bath- Jessica Zablam, a Maternity Consultant. Just make sure the sink comes in a perfect size for your baby. Keep reading to know more about bathing your little love in the sink.

Some Tips for Using Kitchen Sink to Bathe a Child

You can use several places in your house to bathe your child. But you will find the sink being your most favorite one because of the extreme comfort. Before starting to use the sink, make sure to follow the below tips. 

Using Sink Insert

Sink inserts are an excellent accessory that provides more comfort to the child. You will find numerous designs, sizes, and shapes tubs to match the sink size. From the Top Sink Bathtub Reviews, you can get a proper idea about this accessory.

Sink tubs provide a  cushioning feel to the baby while bathing. They work best for offering support to the baby’s head as well as the entire body. But make sure to wash them every time before use.

Use a Faucet Cover

While bathing, your baby might accidentally bump the head with the faucet. This thing can be very dangerous for your child. A faucet cover prevents your baby’s head from sudden bumps.

You can get a nice-looking and catchy faucet cover so that the baby also likes it. Keep it around the kitchen, so whenever needed, you can access it easily.

Keep the Sink Hygienic

It is necessary to sanitize the sink before and after the baby’s bath. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive; it can get affected easily. Use baking soda or bleach to make it hygienic; they are effective and also cost-effective.

At first, rinse the whole sink with hot water and baking soda. Ensure wiping the faucet, faucet cover, sink’s corner, and drain stopper. It will remove the stubborn stains and funky smells effectively.

Use the Drain Plug

Using the drain plug effectively is the most essential thing while bathing the child. Keep in mind that the plug doesn’t hurt and it consists of anything that can hurt the child. After cleaning the sink, insert the drain plug to pour the sink with bathing water. Normally the kitchen sink comes with a built-in drain plug.

Safety Precautions

Mostly the kitchen consists of more hazards than the other place of the house. Keep all the kitchen utensils away from the kitchen sink. Just to ensure safety, store the knives or risky things far away from the sink and the baby.

Keep the water depth under 3 inches. Don’t run the water while the baby is in the sink; it can raise the water depth. Bathe your baby for not more than 5 minutes.

Arrange a basket to keep all the stuff that you will need while bathing the child. Don’t put the bathing products where you place the food or meal. Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the most dangerous place in your house, so be more cautious.

Water and Room Temperature

While checking the water warmness, you have to be very cautious. Remember, the water should be lukewarm and not hot. Slight hot water can burn the baby’s skin. Always measure the warmness using your elbow and keep the water temperature between 90° to 100° C.

Keep the room temperature raised so that the baby can cope up while out of the bath. If the baby feels too cool right after the bath, they can get cold.

Bathing Procedure

Start by soaking the baby a little bit. Always hold the baby with one hand and never leave the child. Now, clean the face and creases of the neck and behind the ear with a soft washcloth. Then, move down to the body and make sure cleaning those areas where sweat and skin get stuck.

Don’t forget to wash the diaper area. Lastly, wash the hair with a mild shampoo. After cleaning the entire body, rinse the baby with several cups of warm water. That’s it, now take the clean and dry towel and start dabbing the baby; never rub roughly the baby’s skin.

Is It Safe To Give Your Baby A Bath In The Sink?

Usually, people use the sink for washing foods, utensils, plates, and all other kitchen stuff. But, nowadays, it becomes a common thing to bathe the baby in the kitchen sink. Therefore, we will show you is it safe to give your baby a bath in the sink.

New mothers go through severe pain; thus, bathing the baby by leaning down feels discomfort for them. In this case, the sink helps them to bathe the kid by comfortably standing. The child also feels comfortable in the sink. You can keep all the required things on the counter within your reach.

So, you don’t have to leave the child to bring any item. Make sure before starting the bath to gather everything and lie on the counter. It feels difficult to hold the child when they are wet. You won’t feel this hassle while using the sink; grabbing the child becomes much easier with it.


While bathing the child, you can create some magical moments and get some extra time to spend. So, make sure you and your child enjoy every single moment when giving a bath. This guide shows is it safe to give your baby a bath in the sink.

Using the sink to bathe the baby is the most effortless and easiest way. You can handle the baby and make a strong grip on the sink. Bathing a baby in the sink is ideal for those moms suffering from sciatica and back pain. So without panicking, make the baby’s bath time super fun.

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