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For all the party lovers and people who love to throw birthday bash or any other gathering, Pictionary has to be your go-to game. Inviting people at your home and then not entertaining them enough, would be unfair to the guest. So, if you suck at ideas, we’ve covered you with 7 amazing Pictionary ideas. We don’t really need to introduce Pictionary (the name says much of it and then it’s common like a lot), so let’s jump to the Pictionary ideas that have been organized by Meebily for your upcoming party.

  1. Movie titles

Pictionary is always fun when you let your guests guess the movies. From 70s to 21st century you go with any of them, once you know the likes of attendees! Some of them can be Cindrella, Aladdin, Avatar, Midnight Sun, Marvel etc. 

  1. Halloween Pictionary Ideas

If you are throwing a Halloween party then we would suggest you use these types of words to create the horrifying environment to its fullest: Hay Ride, Graveyard, Fortune Teller, Spooky etc.

  1. Bridal Shower 

Pictionary is quite common among girls and they tend to enjoy the game more than anyone else could. Hence, when making a list of words for your best friend’s bridal shower, make sure you start with easy words and then move to the hardest ones to take the excitement to the next level. This may include wedding ring, bachelor-ate party & Happily Ever After (would be fun to draw).

  1. Christmas Party

The fun of Christmas parties goes beyond the food and Christmas tree. It’s always a great idea to play Pictionary with your gang and in the end exchange gifts. How cool does it sound! The common Christmas related words would go here, snow, jingle bell, Rudolph, sledding, mistletoe, snow man etc.

  1. Baby Shower

Playing the Pictionary during the baby shower may help the mom-to-be as well as baby to be more cheerful and joyous. Diaper Genie, Cut the cord, Baby Swing, First walk, First Smile, It’s a girl/boy, changing table and bib are some of the words that will make the time of the mother and the attendees jubilant.

  1. No-theme Pictionary words

We thought to cover you in case you don’t want to go with any theme specific Pictionary words. Because obviously, you won’t really have to take the word ‘Santa Claus’ when throwing a surprise party for your parents. These set of easy and difficult-to-guess Pictionary words can be used in literally any gathering and we DO guarantee the fun part. Bug, facebook, slide, ocean, money, truck, bird, bridge, door lock is some of the words that can be guess in seconds. Whereas, baseball, lawnmower, microwave, circus, salt and pepper, bonnet, ceiling are the ones that will take some time to guess and help you spend a quality time with the guests.

The best part about Pictionary is that you can play it with kids, youngsters and even old-aged people. The teamwork, imagination and communication skills that Pictionary offers  makes it a play-able game for the character building.

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