In-Home Care for Our Aging Parents: The Pros and Cons


Many of us are adapting to taking care of our parents as they grow older. We must set the standard for giving them the best care we can and repay them for the love they showed us as children. Getting your parents to move in with you as they age may seem rational, but you need to consider the pros and cons.

PRO: Save Money

Many of us are working very hard to sustain ourselves, and sometimes we cannot afford additional expenses. Our parents have their own separate needs and we have to make sure that we can provide for them, too. 

You can save money by consolidating rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, and other expenses from your parents’ previous household. It would also be beneficial if you have kids, as your parents can babysit for you when you are out.

CON: Spend on Home Safety Installations

Our aging parents are almost always at risk from dangers in the home. Stairways, bathrooms, and kitchens can be harmful to our parents due to their reduced mobility. 

Your home might also have poor lighting, which creates risks of falling at night. Remember that your parents may use the bathroom at night more frequently. With this in mind, you will need to consider installing safety accessories for your home. You can install handrails on your bathroom walls, and corridors. You should also add more lights in dark places inside your home, 

PRO: Spend More Time With Your Parents

As we grow older, our schedule tends to eat up our time with our loved ones. It is a challenge to find quality time to spend with our aging parents. Having your parents living with you gives you the benefits of spending more time with them. 

It also allows you to check on their well-being, and monitor their health. You can quickly determine if they feel if they are bored, delighted, or sad. This setup also allows you to teach your children the importance of parents and having a family.

CON: Your Stress Can Be a Problem for the Family

Having an additional household member can sometimes be stressful for you, and it affects your day-to-day life. Your stress will show emotionally, physically, and mentally, which can take a toll on your family dynamics.

The stress of taking care of your aging parents in your home may trigger arguments among spouses, confusion for children, and hard feelings for your parents. Living together in one home with your parents might also affect your relationship with your children. You must talk to your family to help you determine if the decision of letting your parents live with you is what’s best.

All for Your Aging Parents

No matter how you look at it, there are benefits of allowing your aging parents to stay with you. Your spouse can take care of your parents if you are not around. If a medical emergency happens, it can be comforting to know that your parents are in good hands with your family. There are also cases where you can have a family physician that will look after your parents. 

It is a noble task to take care of your aging parents, and there are plenty of ways to administer appropriate care. If you feel you cannot provide enough care for your parents, you may want to consider in-home care services like Husky Senior Care. They need us now more than ever at this time of their life, but we have to make sure that we are giving them the best care possible.

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Melissa Arres
Melissa Arres
1 year ago

With age, it is difficult for all people to take care of themselves. Situations are different. My parents agreed to move into my house. And I’m happy I can help them.

1 year ago

My parents aren’t young. Once I visited them and noticed how difficult it is for them to deal with home and myself. My father was after a stroke. 
Then I found a house near my house that was for sale. That’s how my parents started living near me. They didn’t want to live in the same house with my family. Now I’m helping my parents. I’m also very helpful in home care near me
so my parents get qualified help and care

1 year ago

Often palliative care services are just a necessity, because you can’t always be 24/7 with your loved ones. In order not to get lost and avoid critical mistakes, you should make an idea about the care of bedridden patients at home in advance.

1 year ago

Home care for old ages patients is best because the people of old age can easily get different infection and this make their recoveries more difficult. But there are some cons of home care which a person must look after before hire someone for home care. I have and I think this is one of finest approach when it comes about academic work.

Denise Alfaro
Denise Alfaro
1 year ago

I like your concept, but now here to check for bathing assistance.