In a Car Accident with the Kids? Here’s What to Do


Of course, nobody wants to be in a car accident: but being in a car accident with your kids is one of a parents’ worst nightmares. Even for a minor accident, you should be mentally prepared in knowing what to do after a car accident. Knowing the proper procedures can help save money, and prevent any further injury from a car accident—to your kids, yourself, and your car.

Check for any Injuries

The first thing you need to do when you get into a car accident is make sure no one was hurt. Thoroughly check yourself and your children, even if you have young children safely strapped in car seats. If anyone is injured, no matter how mildly, it’s best to call an ambulance straight away.

In the interest of safety, you should also get a medical examination after a car crash, especially if you have young children who can’t necessarily communicate the way they feel. This will make sure that neither you nor your family members have physical injuries that could worsen over time. The sooner you visit a doctor, the easier it will be to help with any conditions like whiplash or possible broken bones.

Hire a Lawyer

In case of any injuries, it is important to have a lawyer to defend any of your claims. Hiring a personal injury lawyer is often standard in these cases. Finding a personal injury lawyer which is close to your area, such as Dennis Hernandez & Associates, who offer top-tier services in Sarasota, is important to keeping the services both convenient as well as high-quality.

With a legal team, you will be able to get the damages to your car covered depending on who was at fault in the accident. You can also be compensated for any medical bills that may accrue. A personal injury lawyer, as well as other legal professionals, can handle all of these issues for you and make the process much easier than handling the bills yourself.

Get the Other Party’s Insurance Information

After the crash, you should always get the other person’s insurance information, as well as giving the other person your own information. You should exchange personal phone numbers as well as this information, so you can get into contact with each other with any information that may be relevant to your case.

Document the Damage to Your Vehicle

After assessing any injuries, it is important to note condition of your vehicle, as well as the other party’s vehicle. In addition, you should include any information that may be relevant to the circumstances of the accident, such as weather conditions, traffic signals, or possible intoxication of the other party. Be sure to take pictures as soon as possible, as the evidence will help support a legal claim in court.

Report the Accident

No matter who is at fault for the crash, your insurance provider should know about the accident. If you don’t file a report with your insurance company, you can risk your policy being cancelled, fees, or other consequences.

Police reports should also be filed. This can either be done at the scene of the crash upon contacting the authorities, or after the fact. Either way, the police should know so they have the proper documentation to help with possible legal issues, or if anyone has major issues during the incident, like intoxication or death.

In Conclusion

Car accidents, especially when they involve kids, can be scary and even traumatic experiences for everyone involved. By following these instructions, you can help better your situation in the event of a car accident and ensure the safety of your family, as well as lessening financial responsibility.

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