How You Can Use the Internet to Keep Your Wedding Costs Low


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Unless you have money to burn, you will want to keep your wedding costs low. Fortunately, you can use the internet to do pretty much anything that a wedding planner would and more. Here are some tips for arranging your wedding and saving yourself some cash while doing so.

Buy Jewelry Online

You can buy pretty much anything online these days. And this includes high-end items and luxury products. As such, you might be able to get a fantastic deal on high-quality engagement rings. You Might be apprehensive about doing this. But buying jewelry online is pretty safe if you use a reputable website like Aura Diamonds. However, like any online purchase, it always helps to check the reviews and trust ratings of any online vendor you choose to use.

Keep Your Wedding Costs Low with Print Sites

People get married all over the world every day. But a lot of planning goes into a wedding, and you need to know exactly how many people will attend to keep costs accurate. Invitations are the most traditional way to do this. Yet, in the US alone, the average couple spends $650 on invitations. However, you can use websites like Canva and Vista Print to design your own invitations and get a discount on professional printing. Or you can print them yourself.

Send Out Digital Invitations

Of course, we live in a digital world. And because of this, you can consider sending out digital invitations. These can range from bespoke services with apps like Evite or even posting on your preferred social media website. A good balance between traditional and modern ways is to send out printed invites to close family and friends and use digital ones for extended family and people like colleagues. Therefore, you will spend around half the money you usually would.

Buy in Bulk from eCommerce Stores

eCommerce is at the forefront of internet services these days and has taken over real-world stores as the number one source of things like fashion, gaming, and gifts. However, there is pretty much no end to what you can find online. And you can usually save by buying in bulk:

  • Fun accessories for your pre-wedding girls’ night out.
  • Extras for your bridesmaids like headbands and handbags.
  • Party items such as disposable cutlery, beer cups, and wine “glasses.”
  • Confetti, balloons, and ribbons are very cheap from online stores.
  • You can buy soda and alcoholic drinks at wholesale prices online.

Smaller insignificant items that add extra flair to your party can be found online. You can find things like disposables in supermarkets, but you will almost certainly find them cheaper online. And why pay exorbitant prices for food and drink when you can get wholesale prices online?

Use Sales Alert Apps

Maybe there are some things you really want, but they will exceed your budget. Examples include jewelry for bridesmaids, your wedding shoes, or even a karaoke machine for some party-time fun. And with a wedding to plan, you don’t have time to check the web every five minutes for deals. Luckily, you can use apps like Notify Me, Discount Reminder, and The Watchlist to send reminders when something you want enters a sale at a lower price than usual.

Online Booking Systems Keep Your Wedding Costs Low

All any of us ever really want is convenience. And the web is very convenient for certain things. Booking systems are a great example. With just a few clicks, you can sort out what you need to. For example, maybe you need to book transportation for your family from the church to the reception venue. Well, you can do that online pretty easily. And the great news is, many companies will give you a discount for booking early rather than a couple of weeks before.

Be Your Own Wedding Planner

The wedding planner industry is worth $60 billion in the United States alone. And you may end up contributing to that sum if you use a wedding planner. But this could mean you need to save a lot more money. Yet what they may not tell you is you can do most of the work yourself. Things such as booking venues, arranging cars, and ordering flowers are very easily done online. So set aside a few days to do these yourself and save money by spending time.


You may not know you can use the internet to keep your wedding costs low. With some forward planning and a little time set aside, you can be your own wedding planner. For example, check online for jewelry, buy party items and accessories in bulk, and use online booking systems.

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