How You Can Reach Your Fullest Personal Potential


We have many identities in life: daughter, mother, wife, sister, friend, professional, to name but a few. Throughout our years, there will be times when one identity becomes more prominent, and the others start to fall to the side. Especially as a mother, it’s easy to lose touch of who you were before this became your primary role — yet, it’s so important to continually develop yourself and stay in tune with your personal needs.

Even as caregiver to your children, you must also practice self-care. A mother who is reaching her fullest personal potential will have an abundance of love, care and life lessons to pass on to her children.

Invest in help on your self-development journey

It can be daunting to set off down a path of self-development. Where do you begin? What goals should you put in place? How will you know when you’re reaching your potential? These are all questions that a spiritual life coach or trainer can help you find answers to. A coach’s job isn’t to advise or strategize for you, but simply to help you find your own way and track your progress towards achieving your personal potential.

Give back to your local community

Volunteering is a wonderful way to strive towards your personal potential. Nevertheless, you may well be thinking, “I’ve not got time to take on any voluntary commitments with my busy schedule.” If this is the case, there may be a way for you to make a positive impact without adding to your schedule. Do you already go to the gym? Then somewhere like Chuze Fitness may be perfect for you; at Chuze you can get involved in the Chuze To Give Back program, raising money for worthy local organizations.

Take some time for you

When writing her sensational novel ‘Wild,’ Cheryl Strayed admits locking herself away from her children — even going away on her own for weeks on end — until she felt she had her final body of work. Indeed, there’s no better example to set your kids than of a mother who strives towards her personal goals.

If there’s a project you’ve been itching to complete or a new skill you’ve been dreaming of developing, there’s no time like the present. There will never be a “right time” to take a step back from your every-day mommy duties, but you’ll soon see how the family survives without you whilst you work on yourself.

Health is wealth and knowledge is power; ensure that you are spending enough time and energy on your personal well-being. Protect time for yourself each day to connect with who you are; eat well, read a book or the newspaper, and try to let go of any feelings of what you “should” be doing as a mother, wife, sister, friend, etc.


You can’t pour from an empty cup; no one can continue to care for others, unless they are also caring for themselves. Don’t lose sight of the importance of self-development and maximizing your personal potential. You, and your family, will be grateful.

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