How Yoga Sculpts benefits your Body?


Just like a high-intensity workout tones down your body to the desired size, so does a slow Vinyasa or yoga class. Visiting the gym every day means you are surely sweating out and putting yourself through a grueling session. However, you hardly thought about your mind in this case.


The physical benefits of yoga are what we all know, but the mental benefits remain unknown to a lot of people. The magical effects of yoga on your mind and soul will make you fall in love with it.


It is difficult to find workout classes that combine all kinds of cardio, resistance, and strength training in their sessions. You can reach out to Burn Studios group fitness classes for their effective all-in-one services. We also recommend you to consider yoga along with every other exercise you want to try. Here we tell you why yoga is significant and useful for you.


You can indulge yourself in the yoga sculpt as your weekly routine. Moreover, this will enable you to blend traditional yoga with high-intensity strength and cardio workout. It is an absolute win-win for you.


Benefits of yoga sculpt


There are several benefits of yoga sculpt, and we list the major ones. How about you find out the rest after you try some of these sessions? Check out all the reasons that will make you want to do yoga over any other exercise:


1. Body and mind focus


Yoga sculpt concentrates highly on intensity and strength. Practicing in sculpt session is nothing like a conventional yoga class. It makes you do cardio and also uses weights. 


Yoga sculpt is the perfect combination of power yoga with the benefits of a typical gym routine. It is just a more refined version bringing both together.


Yoga sculpts, in spite of being such a high-intensity routine, focuses a lot of emotional and mental development. Therefore, sculpt yoga not only strengthens the body but also challenges your mind to develop.


2. Safer yoga practice


Sculpt classes work for both beginners and advanced yogis. Everyone can find sessions, which are useful for their requirements. 


Join a group of people who are in your intensity level and work out with them. You can also focus on your requirements if you feel a full-body workout does not suit you. For example, you can go for strength training or cardio or just some muscle training.


Moreover, yoga sculpt is the perfect gateway to start cross-fit training because it focuses more on resistance and cardio. Cross-training with yoga sculpt is the best training you can get.


3. Sweat Out


While working out in a gym sweats away all your calories, yoga sculpt eradicates your stress along with that. You have to start slowly to increase the flexibility of the body and then move to more intense weight training. By the time you have reached a peak of intensity, you get drenched in sweat.


Yoga sculpt is an extremely heart-pounding workout regime that will tone down your entire body weight. You get into the yoga class to understand how much it will affect your body’s unwanted fat and toxins, and you come out all dripping in sweat. That is enough to prove how effective yoga sculpts us.

4. Super exciting


There is no way in which you will get bored in yoga sculpt classes. A yoga class is not too difficult yet challenging. You will find a workout regime, according to your level of fitness and also your resistance. There are less or more challenging workout regimes depending on the amount of weight you can lift.


 The best part about a sculpt yoga session is that you can always modify your workout as per your body’s mood that day. For example, you may avoid weight training and do the rest of it and still get a lot of benefits. Again, you can also jump up the ladder when you feel that your body is ready for a more advanced session.


5. Energizing


When you do not get enough sleep, or you get up from bed in the morning in a bad mood, yoga can be the best cup of coffee for you. Go for an early morning yoga sculpt session. By the time you come out of the class, you are ready to start the day with a bang. The yoga sessions usually end with a Shavasana, and your body absorbs all the energy back and revitalizes you. If you follow early morning yoga regimes, you will have no problem to work the whole day and won’t need caffeine.


6. Make workout fun


Workouts become fun with our favorite music, cardio, yoga, and lots of sweating. Upbeat music can transform any session into a fun one. Sculpt yoga sessions are especially incomplete without hip music and lots of fun. Do not think that you have to go and sweat out your calories. Think that the course is going to be a refreshing dance party and there you are. Workouts do not feel like a load anymore.


Best yoga poses to tone your body.


This article is all about how yoga can be equally challenging as going to the gym. The following are a few yoga poses that will help in toning your body:


1. Navasana or boat pose


Navasana is ideal for toning down your hips and core. You have to balance your whole body on your sitting bones and the tail bone. Keep your tail bone on the floor and lift your body from both sides to make a boat shape or a flat ‘U.’ Make sure your spine is straight throughout, or you can hurt yourself while doing this.


2. Utkatasana or chair pose


This is a replacement pose for your regular squats. Nothing can be better to tone your glutes than Utkatasana. Imagine that there is an imaginary chair and you are sitting on it. Lift both your hands and stretch your chest as much as you can. Try to put your tail bone down so that your buttock does not stick out. The position justifies the name ‘chair pose’.


3. Chaturanga Dandasana or four-limbed staff pose


It is an advanced level asana and focuses on the triceps, biceps, and shoulders. You need to start with a high plank and concentrate on the core. Slowly, drop the knees and bend the elbows to continue. Bring your chest closer to the floor and try to hold the position. If you want to make it even more intense, you can skip the plank position and jump to the main pose.


4. Salabhasana or the locust pose


Salabhasana focuses on the arms, torso, and legs. Practicing Salabhasana eradicates back pain. Start by lying on the ground flat. Hold your back tightly and stick it to the ground. Now lift your upper body or torso till the navel. Make sure that the hands are still on both sides of the body. The locust pose is also one of the advanced postures, but you can do it with regular practice.


5. Vasisthasana or the side plank pose


To work on body balance and also your arms, try to master Vasisthasana. Start from a lunge pose and take your left heel to a back extension. Keep your left palm fixed on the floor and lift your right arm straight in the air. You have to twist the body during the whole process. There are more free versions of this too, but the intense one will reap you the right benefits.


Final thoughts:


Most of us feel that going to the gym means the end of all our problems. However, that is not entirely true. Try to listen to your mind and also understand how the mind and body are connected. Doing yoga means you are looking after both these aspects, so do your best!

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Utopia Pure
4 years ago

When it comes to sweating, words like hot and sticky come to mind. However, except that first impression, there are many benefits of sweating during yoga that you didn’t know about:

Improve detoxication
When you sweat during exercise, the toxins and heavy metal can perspire through the sweat. Hence, it helps improve our health and detoxication.