How to Write My Essay: Online Guide to Quick and Efficient Writing


So you’ve been given an assignment to write an essay by your teacher or a professor, but you are not good at this sort of thing. Not good at all. So what are you to do? If you currently ask yourself “How am I supposed to write my essay online help is what I need,” online guide encompassing all the most important aspects of this kind of work is really welcome. Well, you are in luck – in this article, you will find everything you need to know to write a high-quality essay on any topic, even if you have never done it before. Read on, and you will never again have to be afraid of writing assignments in your high school or college.

Plan your essay

You cannot just sit down and start writing whatever comes into your head. Or, rather, you can, but in this case, you are almost certain to forget to mention something, or mix up things, or make a mess of your writing in some other way. Now, there are many essay types out there, but most of them follow more or less the same structure: introduction (where you introduce the main idea of the paper and lead up to your arguments concerning it), a few body paragraphs and a conclusion (where you sum up everything you’ve said and decide if you’ve managed to prove your point or not). Your plan doesn’t have to be too detailed: just write a few words about what you have to mention in each part, and everything is going to be alright.

Put the most effort into your introduction

If you pay for college essay writing and hire a professional, you can be sure that he is going to spend a seemingly disproportionate amount of time writing the introductory paragraph – often more than 25 percent of the entire time spent writing the essay. And you would do yourself a favor by following this example because the introduction is the most important part of your assignment. It gives you an opportunity to demonstrate if you are capable of grasping the reader’s attention with your first words and leading up to the main contents of the paper.

Don’t introduce more than one point per body paragraph

Each body paragraph should follow the same structure: you introduce a point, provide supporting evidence and lead up to the next point, finishing with a transitioning sentence. Don’t introduce more than one point per paragraph lest your writing becomes confusing and muddled.

Avoid using passive voice wherever possible

Some students believe that using passive voice makes their writing look more academic, serious and scientific. 9 times out of 10 it isn’t so – instead, it makes your text look boring, awkward and unengaging. With very few exceptions, active voice is a much more powerful and attention-grabbing way of saying something, so do your best to use it whenever possible.

Remember about transitions and connections between sentences and paragraphs

A good essay is more than just a collection of unconnected sentences. No matter how many different things you cover in your essay, they should form a cohesive whole when put together. That is why you should use transition words and sentences to connect them, such as “firstly,” “secondly,” “therefore,” “nevertheless” and so on. This way your essay becomes easier to read and understand.

Don’t use first person pronouns

Unless you a directly given an assignment to express your personal point of view, you should take a more general approach to writing and avoid referring to yourself in any way. Even if your essay is completely objective in all its aspects, using pronouns like “I” or “my” immediately creates an impression of subjectivity, and you don’t want that.

Stay relevant

More is not always better. Sometimes you may be tempted to write a particular passage because it, for example, allows you to show off your knowledge of the subject (if it exceeds what you’ve been taught in school or college). However, you should always take a close look at what you are about to write and ask yourself if it is actually relevant to the topic of the essay. If you have trouble proving to yourself why you should mention it, you probably shouldn’t include it in your essay at all, even if it is a really interesting fact.

Don’t repeat yourself in your concluding paragraph

Some students cannot think of anything better to do in the essay’s conclusion than to repeat what they have already stated in the introduction. To a certain degree, this approach is justified – you are not supposed to introduce any new information at that point, and in a way, your conclusion does repeat the introduction. However, you shouldn’t repeat yourself word for word and sentence for sentence. Be more creative. Use this chance to show that you can show the information you’ve already covered from a new and unexpected direction.

Make your writing varied

It refers to everything, from your choice of words to the sentence length and structure. Avoid repeating one and the same word when referring to a particular concept and replace it with synonyms from time to time. Intersperse short and simple sentences with long and complex ones.

This guide by no means contains all the tips and tricks of a professional essay writer, but it will help you start out and develop your own style – so don’t wait and start using it right now!

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April Gilbert
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