How to Throw a Surprise Party


Surprise parties, when organized properly, can be immense fun. To make sure that the party goes just as wished and to really keep it a secret, you will need to plan everything properly so that there are no troubles.

However, it is not easy to keep the secret. Do not worry. The tips given below will help you in throwing the ultimate surprise party.

  • Make sure that the receiver likes surprises

The first thing to keep in mind about planning a surprise party is that the person you are planning it for, actually like surprises. Not everyone is comfortable with being surprised, so make sure that you know his or her preferences before throwing the party. If he or she likes surprises, then a perfectly planned party in their honor will make them feel incredibly loved.

  • Make a list of supplies

If the party is going to be held at your house or at someone else’s, then make a complete list of the items you will need – birthday sash, cake, and other party supplies. This will help you to keep a track of everything, and you will be able to buy all of them hassle-free.

Once you have all the items, figure out a place to store them. Do not keep all the food items in your refrigerator. Avoid keeping the decorations in your room if your guest of honor visits you frequently. Instead, trust a couple of friends and ask them to store all the party supplies at their place.

  • Check the availability of your guests

Check if your guest of honor is free on the day of the party. This is really important and if you don’t get the date right, then the entire party will fall through and all planning will go to waste. Simply make sure that your guest of honor does not have a very busy schedule and you can also initially invite them for a get-together, without mentioning that there is going to be a proper party.

  • Choose the venue properly

If you are planning on throwing the surprise party at a restaurant, then pick a place that your guest of honor is a regular at. This way you will be able to avoid any suspicion. If you say that you guys are going to a cafe or maybe a bowling alley that you usually frequent, then your party person will not really suspect anything different.

A surprise party can be thrown at home, as well. But it will involve really detailed planning. You can also give a theme to the party, though that will involve telling your guest of honor at least the dress code. However, you can even keep it really casual and simple.

  • Prepare the guest list carefully

You will need to decide your guest list and this is actually the tricky part. After all, you don’t want your secret to leak. Thus, inviting only a small group of your close friends and family members is highly recommended. However, if you wish to go for a really big bash, make sure that you plan it carefully.

Tell your guests that this is a surprise party of the guest of honor and request them personally to not let the secret out. This way, your surprise will not be ruined and you will have a great party. Now, if you are someone who is really ambitious and if you can take care of all the planning on your own, then you can actually plan the party as a surprise for all your guests!

  • Set up everything well in time

When you are throwing a surprise party, have all the things arranged a few hours beforehand. This will not require you to run around and hide things if your guest of honor visits suddenly. Also, when you are setting up, make sure that you have enough time before the party is actually supposed to start because you will want to time your surprise, perfectly.

If the party is supposed to be a surprise for just one person, then ask your other guests to arrive early. If they arrive well before the guest of honor, then they can welcome him or her and make the surprise even more fun and memorable.

Sometimes, rather than throwing the whole party as a surprise, you might want to include a few elements that will be surprises. In this case, let your other guests know and ask them to coordinate with you. Work out all the details with the logistics and keep everyone posted. Make sure that all the elements of surprise are functioning well. You do not want anything to be ruined at the last moment.

The Wrap Up

Throwing a surprise party might sound like a big task at first, but it is not. You only need to plan and time the things well, and you are done! We hope this article would have helped you in the entire process.

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Ah-ah! You forgot something … Why would someone feel surprised if you don’t pick the right surprise party?