How To Take Care of a Girl Child’s Hair


Handling children’s hair is trickier than most people realize. The assumption that little hair is easier hair has never been so further from the truth. It is only after one has a kid that they realize the uphill task that is taking care of that. Luckily, it is not all gloom; there are several ways that you can take care of your child’s hair. 

It will be quite a challenge at first since children, especially toddlers, do not like hands on their heads. Another important issue is that children have sensitive skin, which may react to the chemicals present in most hair products. Ensure that you use products from reputable hairdressing product manufacturers

Without much further ado, the following are ways of handling a child’s hair.

Use Neutral PH Shampoo


As previously mentioned, kids have very sensitive skin that may react negatively when you use products that may be harsh on them. When cleaning their hair, use neutral PH shampoo as they clean very well and rarely leave any residue on the scalp that may cause problems later on. Neutral shampoo has two other major benefits. The first one is that it leaves the hair soft with a fresh smell. Neutral shampoo can be described to be hypoallergenic, which means that it is gentle on the scalp and the skin.

Avoid Hot Water


When washing your child’s hair, avoid using hot water as it mistreats the hair, and damages the scalp. Lukewarm or cold water is recommended in such situations. The only time you should use hot water is when you are about to condition their hair. Warm water opens up the pores to allow the condition to work better afterward. Another reason that calls for the use of hot water is if the hair involved is very tough, soak the hair in warm water for a minute or two to make it softer and easier to comb.

Dealing with Dandruff

Hair dandruff is much more common than people realize, however, it is not an unmanageable condition. In a nutshell, dandruff is the dead skin that the body peels off as it grows a new one. The condition is much more prevalent in children and can be handled in many ways. One is through thorough washing and the application of scalp friendly shampoos. To get rid of the dryness that increases the prevalence of dandruff, use natural oils like coconut or olive on the scalp. For best results, massage the oil thoroughly on the head then leave overnight before washing it all off in the morning.

Hair Detangling

Never allow the hair to tangle up too much. This is the reason why combing your child’s hair every night before bed is vital. Unlike grownups, children are not that conscious about their surroundings, so they tend to lie anywhere and lean on anything. The hair gets tangled up due to various physical activities that they engage in throughout the day. The process can be a source of discomfort for them, and they may resist. Keep them busy with something else as you slowly and carefully untangle their hair.

Avoid Extreme Hairstyles

The temptation to try all hairstyles you see on social media on your child might be very alluring, but you may want to hit the brakes on that first. Most of these styles may look good on paper, but they cause a lot of pain for your child. Avoid tight braids and ponytails as this leads to scalp pain and the gradual loss of hair. When setting up their ponytails and braids, observe their reaction; if they wince, then you may need to loosen them a little bit. Using a hairstylist who knows their stuff is highly recommended as they know the limits.

Use Blow-Dryers Sparingly


Blow-dryers are very handy tools when it comes to styling the hair; however, it should not be your go-to option every time you are dealing with your child’s hair. If you use too much heat, you may damage the hair permanently. When that level of heat is applied on a scalp, it may destroy the hair follicles causing permanent hair loss in that patch. There is also the risk of burning the skin, and this could be painful for the child. Make it a habit to test the level of the heat on your hands first before working on your child.

Avoid Hair Coloring and Bleaching

Hair coloring makes for a very good and trendy look, but it comes at a very high cost for a child. The chemicals used in hair colorants are pretty harsh on the hair and can lead to the thinning of the hair follicles and, with time, considerable hair loss. Some hair coloring processes require the hair to be bleached; first, this should be avoided at all costs as bleaching weakens the hair making it brittle and easy to fall off. When you consider how weak children’s hair already is, then you can get the full picture of the effect that these chemicals may have on their hair.

A Good Diet


Healthy hair is not achieved only through washing and conditioning. Your child’s hair can be improved and maintained significantly through a proper diet. Incorporate lots of vitamins, eggs, berries, spinach, fatty fish, sweet potatoes, avocados, nuts, seeds, and many others. All these foods contain various components that are good for hair. Biotin, for example, is an important element found in eggs that is responsible for the general health and growth of the hair.


Hair is an important part of the human persona. It is what builds character to some extent, and the presence or the absence of it can have varying effects on a person. The same applies to children. By teaching them early enough on how to take care of their hair will come in handy later on in life once they are grown-ups.

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Mary Rea
3 years ago

Thanks for the useful information! My daughter wants to have long hair. We understand that proper care is critical.

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