How to Remove Pet Hair From Carpet


Having a pet means that you’re going to have to deal with pet hair. If you’re like most pet owners, this reality doesn’t bother you and you’ve learned to live with the extra fluff floating around your home. However, you still want to do what you can to get the pet hair out of your carpet. Otherwise, it will build up and you’ll be dealing with a huge mess.

There are many ways to remove pet hair from your home, and depending on how much your pet sheds, you might have to use several to remove all the hair from your floor. Below are some of the best ways to remove pet hair from your carpet.

1. Get a Great Vacuum

Probably one of the easiest ways to remove pet hair from your carpet is to use a vacuum—but you have to get the right one. Not all of these appliances are created equal, and some of them are better at removing pet hair than others.

One of the best on the market is the Shark vacuum, and there are 10 best Shark vacuum cleaners for removing pet hair. Any of these can be a good choice to remove the hair from your floors.

Of course, Shark isn’t the only vacuum brand that is useful when it comes to removing pet hair. If you’re looking for a variety of different vacuums that come in a range of prices to fit into your budget, then you’ll want to see what Household Vision recommends. They look at numerous vacuums to help you find the best option to get as much pet hair out of your home as possible.

2. Use a Lint Roller

Lint rollers are a great option when it comes to removing pet hair from your carpet, and they aren’t overly expensive. All you need to do with this item is run it over your floor and let the hair cling to the sticky surface.

To get the job done quickly and easily, you’ll want to look for large lint rollers that can take on the entire living room. Using small ones that you would normally use for clothes will work, but it will take a long time to tackle every square inch of carpet in your living room.

3. Put on Deshedding and Grooming Gloves

If you use deshedding and grooming gloves on your pet, you can also use these to get rid of pet hair from the floor. All you need to do is put them on your hands and then run them across the surface of your carpet. These will work best to remove hair from smaller areas. Of course, if you have the time and desire, you can certainly use them on a large living room.

4. Use a Sponge Mop

If you have low-pile carpeting, then using a sponge mop might be the best way to get rid of pet hair on your flooring. For this process, you’ll need to thoroughly vacuum your carpet first. Then, you’ll need to get a spray bottle filled with water and the sponge mop.

You’ll lightly spray the mop with water, and then you’ll run the mop over the carpeting. The pet hair will form into a clump, and you can then vacuum the pile up or pick it up with your hands.

Another method that you might consider trying if you don’t have a sponge mop is securing a damp towel to a broom. You’ll then sweep the carpet to pull the pet hair into a pile. Once it’s all been gathered into one place, you can then vacuum it up or pick it up by hand to throw in the trash.

5. Get a Rubber Bristle Broom

If you find that pet hair has embedded itself into the carpet fibers, getting it out can be a challenge. One of the best ways to loosen it from the floor is to get a broom that has rubber bristles.

All you’ll need to do with this accessory is brush the carpet. The bristles should get in between the carpet fibers and pull the hair into a pile. Once again, you’ll have the ability to pick this up with your hands or use your vacuum to get rid of the fur.

6. Squeegee the Carpet

Another option to remove stuck pet hair from your carpet fibers is a squeegee. This can be attached to a mop handle or you can use it as is. Place the rubber part of squeegee against your carpet and then rake it along the fibers. It will pull the hair into a pile so that it can easily be vacuumed or picked up by hand.

7. Sprinkle Baking Soda

Not only will baking soda help you get pet hair out of your carpet, but it will also leave it smelling great. For this process, you’ll need to sprinkle a light coating of baking soda onto the floor. You’ll then let it sit for a few minutes, and then you’ll vacuum the floor as you normally would.

8. Use Fabric Softener

Another method you might consider using to get rid of pet hair and unwanted odors is to use fabric softener on your carpeting. For this, you’ll need to mix one part liquid fabric softener into three parts water and then place the solution into a spray bottle.

You’ll then spray this solution onto your carpet, making sure to moisten the fibers, not get them soaking wet. Wait a few moments for the carpet to dry, and then vacuum as you normally would.

Owning a pet is an incredibly rewarding experience, but their hair can get stuck in your carpet fibers and leave your home feeling messy or slightly smelly. Thankfully, there are several ways to remove this from your carpet to keep your home clean and looking amazing.

It’s important to remember that as long as you own your pet, you will have to deal with pet hair. Having a good vacuum is beneficial, but trying one of the other methods listed above could prove incredibly useful at removing pet hair as well.

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