How to Protect Your Sofa from Energetic Kids


A crisp white sofa makes a stunning design statement, but it has the power to leave the neatest individuals with knocking knees, throw kids into the mix and it becomes a cautionary tale! Parents never want to restrict their little one’s playtime, but equally you don’t want to compromise your sense of style to combat mucky fingers. Lucky for you, we’ve teamed up with sofa experts, Robinson of England, to bring you five tips on childproofing your settee, so you can have your dream home without feeling like you’re living life on the edge.

Cleaning Leather:

When it comes to your sofa, leather is the most durable choice. Spillages can be wiped clean, quickly and easily and won’t leave a stain. Leather is a timeless choice that won’t go out of fashion, because of its long-lasting nature. You can easily maintain the condition of the sofa by regularly wiping down the upholstery using leather cleaning wipes. Or, for a deeper clean, you can use a leather balsam, which will penetrate the grain to nourish and condition the fabric, restoring it to its original condition.

Cleaning Fabric:

Whilst fabric sofa’s offer a cosier aesthetic, they can easily be damaged. The material can be torn and it’s challenging to remove stains without professional assistance. If your little one spills on your brand new, plush sofa, don’t panic!Follow these five simple steps to remove the stain using all natural products:

  1. Vacuum the stain to remove any loose particles
  2. Steam the area. This makes it more responsive to cleaning solutions
  3. Dilute soap with cool water and blot on the solution
  4. Spritz with water (or vodka/ vinegar for a harsher stain) to remove any soap residue and blot dry using a paper towel
  5. Rinse and repeat

If the stain is too harsh to be treat with a natural solution, it’s time to bring out the big guns! Before using any solvents/ chemicals on your sofayou should always check the label and conduct a patch test, in a hidden spot, to ensure it isn’t overly abrasive – you don’t want to discolour, or fray the material. Chemical cleaners, like Resolve, are known to lift some of the toughest stains (including the dreaded tomato ketchup), as the spot remover breaks down the stain and neutralises the odour, to leave your sofa smelling fresh and looking great.

Protecting your sofa

We know that accidents happen, especially with little ones running around, but prevention is key when it comes to maintaining the condition of your sofa. A favourite amongst many families is to dress the sofa with soft throw blankets. Not only can these add a pop of colour to the room, they create a soft and warm atmosphere, which can be very soothing for young children. Plus, they can be thrown in the wash every few weeks to keep them looking and smelling fresh.

Another idea is to keep food and drinks refined to the kitchen and dining room, not only will this instil your child with good habits from an early age, it will prevent damage being caused to your furniture. Keep messy play outdoors, and give your kids pencils rather than pens – simple things that encourage play, not mess!

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