How to Protect Your Home with Solar Powered Security Systems


Solar power is everywhere. It is highly adaptable, making it an ideal alternative to other, less environmentally friendly methods of electricity generation. Once you have solar panels installed, the energy is completely free. You don’t have to pay for the sun to shine like you pay to consume power from the grid.

That’s one of the reasons why some families choose to install solar powered home security systems. These are designed to offer the same level of protection as traditional models but without the increase in electric bills. It’s eco-friendly and will keep your loved one safe.

Solar Security Cameras

There are many solar security cameras on the market today. These work by using a high-grade panel to collect sunlight that is converted into direct current (DC). An inverter changes the DC current to alternating current (AC) that can be consumed by the camera and its batteries. 

The batteries assist with continuous use, so the camera doesn’t require constant sunlight to operate.

What happens when the sun hides behind clouds or sets at night? Visible light can continue to shine down through clouds and rain, so your camera can gather power on overcast or stormy days. However, efficiency may decrease during this time. The rechargeable batteries continue powering the camera until the sun returns to replenish their stores of electricity.

Solar Outdoor Lights

Another way to make your home safer is with outdoor lighting. Lights are a powerful theft deterrent and allow your family to see when outside after dark.

There are a variety of solar lights available for use outdoors. You can add garden lights that usually come with stakes that can be stuck into the soil. These are convenient for outlining walkways, garden beds, or other dark ground-level spaces.

While solar garden lights are helpful, you should also have something installed higher up so it is out of reach. Solar lights can be wall-mounted or attached to poles. These operate much like the cameras, with a solar cell that converts sun rays into useable energy. It collects power that can be used at night when the lights are on.

You can install lights that turn on automatically after dark or those that have motion sensors that switch on when something moves.

Incentives for Solar Security System Installations

Governments in some regions offer incentives for residents who install solar security cameras. These can

 include tax credits or rebates. The cost of equipment has dropped by approximately 70% while the number of installed systems increased by 6,000% between 2005 and 2014. The tax benefits are just one more reason to give solar security a try.

Models are also available for businesses, which may help lower the cost of insurance. If you have questions about installing solar cameras, lights, or panels, let Connect Electric know. We can guide you through the process and help you find the right solutions based on your needs. Protect your home and save on utility bills by going green with solar energy.

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