How To Prepare For Pregnancy With Yoni Eggs


A woman’s yoni is the source of her creative power. More than just her womb or her vulva, it is from whence she gives to the world – no more so than during the labor of love that is childbirth. 

Knowing how to use yoni eggs has proven invaluable for pregnant women looking to strengthen their pelvic floor and have more control over what is called the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. Not only can the baby’s delivery be smoother as a result of practicing with your yoni eggs, but the recovery can be too. So when is the best time to start?

Stages of Yoni Egg Care

Pre-Conception: Use your yoni eggs to develop a rapport with your yoni and pelvic area before conception. Perhaps there is scar tissue or some traumatic incident that needs to be worked through before you can fully embrace conception and what is first required to bring a child into the world. 

Just five minutes of exercising your yoni with yoni eggs at the end of the day, after you’ve had a bath or shower and have gotten into bed, can help immensely with establishing a connection between you and your yoni.

During Conception: Increasing your life force in your yoni by activating the blood flow to your uterus and pelvis with daily yoni exercises will increase your sexual libido as you gain confidence in your sexual potential. 

Your chances of falling pregnant are increased when your blood circulation is healthy and your pelvic floor is strengthened. As you would exercise any muscle in your body in preparation for an activity that involves physical exertion, the PC muscle is no different. A healthy pregnancy begins with a healthy conception.

During Pregnancy: It is always best to seek the advice of your doctor or health care provider when it comes to matters as intimate as your yoni during pregnancy. Provided you are not a high-risk pregnancy, have no infections, and are habituated to inserting yoni eggs in your yoni, you should be fine. 

Some doctors advise against the use of yoni eggs in the final month of your pregnancy when your cervix is increasingly sensitive and starting to dilate. Parts of the medical fraternity remain skeptical about the use of yoni eggs during pregnancy, so it is best to speak to your doctor, trust your intuition, and listen to what your body is telling you.

Post Pregnancy: While childbirth is a sacred moment in any woman’s life, it can often be traumatic as complications can arise during labor. Give yourself time to heal by waiting a while before recommencing with your yoni egg practice. When you are ready to consider lovemaking again, that’s the time to embrace your yoni again.

Perhaps you have some childbirth scars that will need moisturizing. Working with your yoni will allow you to once again explore your yoni as you gently rediscover your vitality as a mother, lover, and woman. By connecting with your body you can heal yourself more steadily. You set the pace. Penetration is something you get to play with. 

The Benefits of Yoni Eggs and Pregnancy

 The metaphor here regarding training for anything that involves physical exertion still applies. If you were training for a marathon, you’d run regularly. The fitter you get, the faster your finish time. 

Likewise, by strengthening your PC muscle and having a strong pelvic floor, you’ll be better equipped to handle your contractions. Reducing your time in labor by up to 90 minutes is saving an eternity of time spent in physical pain as your strong pelvic region pushes out your beautiful child.

When it comes to choosing a yoni egg that best complements pregnancy, the pink and green rock with gemstone properties known as unakite is recommended. Here the intention is for opening the heart to gratitude and joy. 

A woman in pregnancy involves many stages that are mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging to navigate. The spiritual element, too, cannot be ignored as women during childbirth search for inner strength and resolve that they can rely on during the birthing process. That spiritual resolve is to be found in the connection a woman has with her yoni.  

A healthy relationship between a woman and her yoni begins with regular practice with yoni eggs. Once trust is established, a woman can lean on her intuition during the various stages of pregnancy to know what is appropriate for her body as her pregnancy develops.

The important thing here is that she feels empowered, undaunted, and capable of childbirth. A woman’s feminine vitality shines forth during the birthing process itself – it’s truly a miracle of nature – and thereafter some time is required before her sensuality is rediscovered. Again though, this journey begins with the self. 

Yoni eggs are the tools by which women can remember to love themselves during the beautiful journey of bringing a child into the world.

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Jessy Mer
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