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Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage that every teen looks forward to with so much excitement and anticipation. But, for parents, this can be a nerve-wracking time. The combination of giving more independence and worrying about the safety of their child while on the road is overwhelming.  How do you make sure teens are safe on the road? Have they had enough Driver’s Education? Do they understand the rules and how to drive defensively? There are just a few of the questions that concern parents.

Choose the Right Driver’s Ed Course

Depending on your area, you might have a wide range of driver’s education courses to choose from. There are standard driving schools, plus online driving schools that provide instruction and information that can be accessed whenever there is room in your teen’s busy schedule. You’ll want to choose an organization that has experience and accreditation, like, which has 25 years of experience in the industry and is recognized by the Road Safety Educators Association and the Driving School Association of America.

Take Practice Tests to Review

Many teen drivers fail their permit exam the first time they take it. Those who take practice tests to review the information will perform better and decrease their chances of needing to retake the test. offers practice tests for teens to use to prepare for their exam via their app, so it’s easy for them to access and review at their convenience. Plus, driver’s manuals for every state are available. This makes it simple to read up on the local rules of the road.

Give Plenty of In-Car Driving Lessons

Road time is important for the safety of teens who are learning to drive. While you can learn a lot through studying driver’s manuals and classroom or online instruction, there are things that only road experience can teach. offers in-car driving lessons with experienced instructors that will help teens to gain the skills they need to be a safe driver and be confident behind the wheel.

Make Sure Teens are Safe on The Road with Defensive Driving Courses

Even when your teen has developed the skills to become a safe driver on their own, there is another thing that you must address to make sure teens are safe on the road. Good defensive driving skills can help to protect them from the mistakes and poor decisions of others on the road. Not only that, but a defensive driving course through may allow you a discount on your car insurance premiums.

If you’re a parent who wants to make sure teens are safe on the road, take some time to learn more about what has to offer. From online drivers ed courses to in-car driving lessons and great information and practice resources on their app, use these resources to ensure that your teens are ready for the adventure of driving. While it still can be a little nerve-wracking to let them spread their wings, you’ll know that you have given them the best driver’s education possible.


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This sounds like a great resource. My kids are all getting close to that age, and I’ve been actively looking for a school for them.

Ann Snook-Moreau
Ann Snook-Moreau

I think taking a course/lessons is the best bet for new drivers. Many teens will just end up fighting with whichever parent tries to teach them to drive! haha

Sarah Bailey

These sound like some great tips, it always amazes me how different learning to drive is around the world!

Marcie W.

I learned to drive via an independent instructor and really enjoyed the experience. I think it would save us all a lot of stress if I did the same with my own kids.

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It’s really great tips dear. Like to read the whole post. Thanks and keep sharing such types of safety tips for kids.
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Ruth I
Ruth I

The driving course will be the best decision if we want our teens safe. They have the knowledge and resources to do it.


These are all such useful tips for a safe driving! I am so agree of plenty driving lesson to be more confident and have all the neccessary driving skills!


Our son is going to take driving lessons soon and the thought of it is scaring me. Thank you for these tips and I will have to check DriversEd.

Shannon Gurnee

I hadn’t heard of this before, but we have teens who are wanting to drive. Sounds like a great tool.


Great tips
Thankyou for sharing

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It’s really great tips dear. Like to read the whole post. Thanks and keep sharing such types of

Boyd Kobe

They must have the knowledge and resources to do it. I think they must take a driving course, it will be safe for our teens.

Tomi C

My kids didn’t take drivers ed. The course filled up so quickly and they were anxious. I take a defensive driving course every year for work. It’s awesome because we get a discount on our annual premium for taking the course and I get to take it for free. Win-win.

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As i see that teens doing good.

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