How to Improve the Appearance of Your Space with More Lighting


Has your mind ever been clustered with a major design project? Whether you’re an interior design enthusiast or don’t know anything about home decorating. Over time the design of your interior space can begin to feel less interesting or uninspiring. Rather than going all out and giving your home a makeover, rather work on changing your home’s lighting to achieve some new ambiance in your space. 

Lighting can improve and affect every detail of your house. It can impact its architectural appearance and even how its color combination works. Upgrading to beautiful fixtures that represent a new design sense can be really quick, easy, and economical. It can also be fun and refreshing to do. A fast two-day lighting installation process can transform your home’s interior dramatically. 

In this article we share a few methods you can adopt to upgrade your interior space with new lighting:

Select a focal point

Not every fixture like lamps, sconces, or chandeliers should be the same size. If they are the eye will naturally search for visual clarity but fail to land on anything specified. 

In a bigger space like a family room or dining room, the chandelier works well in creating a good focal point. In a smaller room consider adding more distinctive vintage-inspired sconces or floor lamps that will light up a piece of wall art. 

When choosing light fixtures think about scale

Lighting must never overwhelm a room but it must not get lost in it either. For this reason, scale is important when selecting the best light fixtures and replacement windows for your space. Following a checklist as a guide can help you attain the right look. 

The length, as well as the width of the rooms in feet, must generally equate to the diameter of the chandelier in inches. For instance, if have a room that is 10×10 feet, your fixture should be around 20 inches in diameter.

To achieve a balanced effect layer your lighting

When it comes to lighting layering is very important. To achieve the best balance strive to have at least three sources of light in all your spaces. Including the foyer or the powder room. 

In smaller rooms, you can cut the bulb wattage down as well as the size of the light fixtures to accommodate fewer square feet. Just be careful not to ignore the accent layer. Because this can help you emphasize the additional details you’ve used to complete your rooms. 

Use dimmers as much as possible

Dimmers can adjust the temperature of the room and also help you pay less for your electricity bill. All you need to do is install dimmer switches in all rooms using as many fixtures as you’d prefer to gain additional control over lighting. You can also use dimmers to adjust the mood and to create a balance between artificial light and natural lighting. 

Use lighting in unconventional ways

There’s more to lighting than portable lamps and overhead fixtures. Rather than adding functional task lighting, you can utilize pops of illumination to grant your home an unconventional glow as well as a personal touch.  

Some of our most loved innovative lighting ideas include hanging a pendant on your bedside or emphasizing a bookshelf with mini lights that extenuate the artworks or other display pieces. 

Buy a light controlling app 

Let’s paint a scenario, let’s say you are watching your favorite show and left the lights in the room upstairs on, or you’re going away and don’t want the house to appear unoccupied. Or perhaps you desire to turn your living room lamps on just before you get home to avoid walking into a dark house. 

Today’s smartphones and applications can control your home’s lighting, temperature, window treatments, and much more. Many apps even have settings you can adjust, with just one touch. Using these functions you can set the lights to a “wake-up time” or “dinner party” tone.  

Get a brand new ceiling fan

If you don’t recall the last time you upgraded your ceiling fan, it may be time for an upgrade. Newer ceiling fan engines utilize a lot less energy and can regulate temperatures faster with just a simple touch compared to older ceiling fans with rusty motors. Most are a lot more quieter compared to older fans and contemporary designs come in all kinds of decor styles. 

Correct your lighting for your media room

Spaces that are TV-focused need less overhead light. Instead they need more ambient lighting fixtures like lamps. This helps to cut down the glare on the screens. 

Task lighting  when done well also means the whole room can be dim, however for someone wanting to read, he/she can have enough lighting with the use of a table lamp. 

Think about natural sources of light when designing the interior space of a media room and install sufficient light-controlling window treatments so that a sun-filled day does not ruin your pursuit for entertainment with harsh rays.

Switch the oldest lighting fixtures in your house

Lightning manufacturers have made replacing energy-hogging fixtures easy by creating lightbulbs that last longer and cut on electricity bills. To make sure you get this too when you switch your old lighting fixtures make sure the lighting products you buy have an energy star label on them. 

In addition, older lighting fixtures can make your space look dull and old. Upgrading old chandeliers and flush-mount lights with modern models can take many years off the appearance of your home. 

Choose a new shade

Lampshades have additional practical design power than most people know. Light color types can help diffuse light in a wider range. A dark shade focuses the light drawing emphasis on its surface. A new shade also presents an opportunity for your to experiment with color and pattern before you rearrange a room in its entirety.

Finally, beautiful light is always fantastic, but convenience and safety is also big concerns for external fixtures and landscape lighting. So if you have a dim, dark entrance, caused by a garage door, side door, or anything else, a good idea is to install one sconce or a set that matches. That way the trouble of searching for keys will no longer be an issue, you will feel more safe and secure. 

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Monic Jons
Monic Jons
1 year ago

Hey Everyone! I’m getting ready to move into my first home and am planning all my smart home purchases. After a lot of research, I’ve been able to narrow down just about everything…except for lighting.
The two that seem to stand out are Philips Hue and Lifx. From what I’ve read, it seems like their bulbs are comparable. Hue seems to have a better UI and more features, but Lifx doesn’t need a hub and is open to more 3rd party integrations. Does this seem accurate? What you recommend?
Concerning the rest of my setup, I think I’m going to be using abode security & sensors. I also have an Echo dot and IFTTT. I’ll also have some Notion sensors, which are installed/required by my home insurance company.
Important features to me include colors, flexibility from the app, easy to turn on/off from a smart switch (for the wife), and the ability to integrate into other sensors/triggers.

1 year ago

If you choose the right light sources, you will not only make each room unique and cozy, but you will also be able to enjoy your stay at home. It is very important. We just recently finished renovating and ordered lighting from VONN. It turned out very cool

1 year ago

Good advice, thanks for your post. I’ve been working from home more and more lately, and I decided to make the right workplace. Lighting plays an important role in making everything look better and have practicality. I also got great ideas from the article for anyone interested