How to Help a Loved One Improve Their Health


It is easy to feel helpless when watching a loved one make bad lifestyle choices. While you might know what is best for them, they might struggle to make the right choices for their mind and body each day.

As a result, it can be tempting to nag at your loved one to help them take control of their life. However, doing so could potentially cause them to embrace their negative behavior. Read the below advice on how to help a loved one improve their health.

Remove Shame from a Conversation

Many people who embark on negative lifestyle choices will know the damage they are causing to their body. Rather than making someone feel bad for their behavior, you must try to take shame off the table.

For example, studies have found that fat shaming can cause people to pile on the pounds, while nagging smokers will make them more likely to pick up a cigarette following the tension or stress. Instead, focus on the positives of quitting and avoid making your loved one feel bad for their past actions.

Team Up with Your Loved Ones to Confront a Problem

There are some bad behaviors that are so negative that you might have no choice but to confront them head-on. For example, a drug or alcohol addiction cannot only destroy a person’s career and relationships, but it can have serious and fatal consequences.

If a friend or relative refuses to listen to you alone, it might be time to arrange an intervention. Bring their nearest and dearest together, as well as a trained intervention specialist, to confront them about their addiction. It could be the push they need to finally enter one of the best rehab facilities to make a recovery.

Show Your Support in Different Ways

There are numerous ways you can show your support to a friend or relative who has made some questionable health decisions. For example, if you want to help a loved one become more active, offer to go to the gym with them. If they are struggling to lose weight, help them to create an effective diet plan. Simply look for opportunities to help them on the journey to success, and they will be more likely to achieve their goals with you by their side.

Give Genuine Compliments to Motivate Your Loved One

Compliments could help your loved one to remain on track with their new healthy lifestyle. For example, congratulate them for dropping a few pounds during the first week of their diet, or state how proud you are that they are finally confronting a mental health issue and visiting a doctor or therapist.

The positive praise could light a fire underneath your loved one to work even harder the next week, so they will be more likely to reach their personal goals. However, avoid dishing out too many compliments, as they might appear forced and disingenuous. Instead, give praise when you are genuinely proud of your friend or family member.

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