How to Get Free Phone Calls Via Internet


The worldwide web continually provides mankind an access to almost everything. Data, information, solution, communication, and, often, these are given for at no cost. From products to services, email, instant messaging and, now, telephone calls have also shaped up an incessantly changing online platform whose main aim is to provide mankind a much better tomorrow. When your budget is continually bombarded with colossal telephone bills, it is high time that you learn how to make free phone calls via the internet to save on cost.

Connection Requirements

The use of VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, has been in practice for quite some time. Huge multinational corporations have used hosted VoIP technology to connect their main headquarters to various satellites across the globe. But what used to be controlled by telecommunication giants, VoIP has finally joined mainstream online connectivity allowing calls from anywhere via an internet connection without relying on analog telephone lines. By simply converting one’s voice into digital signals, this can then travel through the Internet and connect with another from around the other side of the globe. Basically, what you will need to get started is a gadget which can connect to the internet usually a computer or a Smartphone, a high speed internet connection and specially-designed VoIP software or an app downloaded to your gadget of choice. In some cases, the need for a headset, a microphone or a webcam might be necessary to successfully converse with another person. One can connect and talk through PC to PC, PC to phone, or through phone to phone without any cost whatsoever except, perhaps, when your choice of VoIP software requires some form of fee for installation.

PC to PC calls

Free phone calls via the internet in a PC to PC environment have been in practice for years, too. Popular programs like Skype, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, and so on. All you need to do is hook your computer or tablet PC to an internet connection, download specially-designed software mentioned, and make sure the person on the other side also have the same arrangement for connection to go through. Sometimes, a LAN or local area network connection can also be used. IP of the network must be configured and enabled to be able to run and control packet transfers. This works similarly like chatting only, this time you can hear and see each other’s voice with the aid of an embedded telephone, speaker, and webcam on both of your PC. The software will serve as the bridge that connects you both. To ensure a quality connection through, the need for ample bandwidth is essential.  100kbps would do you greatly when calling LAN-based or through the net using PC to PC protocol.

PC-Phone Calls

Today, PC to phone (and vice versa) is another excellent way to obtain free phone calls via the internet. Commonly used programs are KNCTR, Google Voice, iCall, EvaPhone, and other “soft phone” programs downloadable from a reliable website that provides Internet phone software or app. Google Voice, for instance, allow you to have both PC to phone and PC to PC connections using browser plug-ins aside from the usual SMS, voicemail and conference call mechanism. KNCTR, on the other hand in addition to free calls, integrates social media into its app giving the user options to receive news, videos and other fun features prevalent in social networks nowadays. Indeed, there are ways to attain free phone calls via the internet today. With incessant technological development being infused to the digital world, life has become more rewarding and exciting at the same time.

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