How to Choose the Right Skip Hire Company


Skip bin rental services have grown very competitive. People are renovating and upgrading their houses and offices in greater numbers. In addition, more individuals are becoming interested in gardening and migrating. All of these operations generate a tremendous quantity of garbage. Furthermore, compared to past generations, there is a far greater awareness that garbage should be disposed of correctly, which means that more people appreciate the importance of hiring skip bins when they expect to create more garbage.

With all of these worries – and alternatives – it’s critical to pick the correct skip hiring business for you.

  1. Choose the Right Size

Depending on how much trash you have, you might have to take out a lot. You don’t always get the exact size skip you need. Start by checking out the sizes they offer and figuring out the skip size based on how much trash you have.

Blane Mitchell of says that the price and size of the skip or bin are directly related to one another. Furthermore, transporting an overflowing skip/bin is illegal, so it is wise to order a larger skip than you anticipate you will need.

It’s crucial to hire a skip bin hire service if you’re dealing with a company that generates a lot of trash every day. It is therefore a good idea to have a few bin options available with skip bin hire services so you can pick what’s best for you.

  1. Choose the Right Price

Don’t get ripped off. A lot of companies charge more than they should. A price comparison is the best way to weed out these companies.

Buying a skip bin isn’t cheap. Do your research before choosing a company. You can get money back guarantees from some sites, so it’s better.

  1. Where are they Located?

Apart from receiving good value for your money when choosing a waste management company, it’s also a good idea to find a local company with the capability of operating in your area. The cost of extra miles a waste management company drives to deliver a skip for your dry waste is ultimately going to be passed on to you.

Choosing not to hire a locally owned and operated business could also have an adverse impact on the environment, as your skip will need to be transported to and from your home, and the skip will need to be picked up there and taken back.

  1. Are they Environmentally Friendly?

The planet is in great peril, and it is a vast understatement to declare that it is in danger. We should recycle every recyclable waste we produce because global warming and climate change are two of the biggest threats to humanity.

So when considering a skip hire company, remember to check their recycling capabilities. It would be very disappointing if your waste is disposed of via landfill, when another business could have recycled it. For example food waste. In a landfill these items of waste break down and release methane gas, a very powerful greenhouse gas, far more potent than carbon dioxide. However, when recycled in composting, it can be transformed into a soil conditioner, or when disposed via anaerobic digestion, it can be turned into biogas and used to create fuel.

In order to achieve your environmental goals, you should seek a skip rental company that takes the environment into consideration. For your waste to be legally disposed of, any organization working in the waste disposal sector has to be fully registered with both the Environment Agency and the Department of the Environment. The Environment Agency website allows convenient access to this information and generally serves as a good place to start.

Some skip rental firms, on the other hand, will have their own protocols in place to guarantee that all of your rubbish is properly disposed of. One such technique is to run their own recycling center; this may be a fantastic way for a waste disposal firm to supervise the recycling process, resulting in even more recycled material being returned to the circular economy.

  1. Do They Have Experience?

Aside from the necessary accreditations, it is also preferable to select an experienced company. While a fresh firm may perform an excellent job, selecting a company with decades of expertise doing precisely what you’re asking them to do is a terrific approach to gain extra peace of mind.

Choose a reliable organization with a track record of providing exceptional work. A trustworthy organization will almost certainly have testimonials on its website, as well as reviews on Facebook and Google. Choose a reliable organization with a track record of providing exceptional customer service. A trustworthy organization will almost certainly have testimonials on its website, as well as reviews on social media.

  1. Do They Provide Extra Services?

Although competent skip hire firms can specialize only on skip hire, many of the more successful and skilled organizations will provide skip hiring expertise in addition to a variety of other services. Companies that handle recycling centers, for example, might give consumers discounted aggregates and other old products.

Some businesses also have the capability to provide a wide range of additional helpful services, ranging from surface treatment to large-scale works such as civil engineering projects. Therefore, if you’re going to require something more than a simple skip hiring, keep this in mind while shopping around.

  1. Are They Licensed?

No matter how successfully you believe a skip hiring business would perform the task, if they are not adequately certified and licensed by the appropriate agencies, you may end up worse in the long term. A skip hiring firm, as previously stated, must be recognized by the Environment Agency; nevertheless, skips themselves must be licensed if not used on private land.

If your skip is on city property, you will need a skip bin hire permits to operate your business. It contains all the essential documentation, such as insurance coverage and a goods vehicle license, to stay on the straight and narrow. A reputable skip hiring business, on the other hand, can assist you with this procedure, ensuring that your time to use the skip goes off without a hitch.

Check to see whether your preferred skip hiring firm is a member of any approved groups. There are several regulatory bodies that oversee skip hiring and need its members to meet a particular level of competence in order to be authorized.

  1. Do They Have Customer Support?

The customer assistance that firms give is crucial for any service. Because the kind of garbage varies, it is critical that you be able to obtain assistance whenever the need arises. A reputable waste bin hiring firm will be able to answer your inquiries professionally and quickly.

  1. Do They Handle Your Types of Waste?

The most significant factor to consider is if they handle the sort of garbage you generate. The sort of containers you select will vary according to the type of waste.

Regular waste containers are not an option if you are dealing with batteries, pesticides, or other dangerous materials. Make absolutely sure you read through the provider’s website to fully comprehend and comprehend this information.

10 What Are Their Pickup Options?

Delivery and pickup services provided by various bin hiring firms differ. Some offer next-day delivery, while others can collect your bins once a week. As a result, you must examine their availability. Always select a skip bin hiring business that can collect your rubbish on a daily basis. You may easily choose next-day delivery for your personal and household rubbish. Most of these firms charge on a per-day day schedule. Therefore, remember to pay when there is enough garbage to be disposed of.

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