How to Buy Bitcoin Cash BCH in 2021?


We are all familiar with Bitcoin, the king and predecessor of all altcoins.
Since its inception in 2009, this cryptocurrency has proven itself in an excellent
manner. It has firmly established itself at the top of the food chain in the
cryptocurrency world, despite constant competition from other coins. However, no
matter how flawless the system is, there is always room for improvement. Despite
all the many advantages, the bitcoin blockchain has its drawbacks. The network
served a large number of users, and transaction fees were steadily increasing.
At the time of the hard fork, all Bitcoin owners automatically received the
same amount of Bitcoin Cash on their account. The new coin differs from its
predecessor, the classic bitcoin (BTC), with a symbol in the ticker – BCH.

How to buy Bitcoin Cash on the exchange?

Bitcoin Cash is traded all over the world, making it available for purchase on
all major exchanges such as:

  • Coinbase
  • Binance 
  • BitStamp
  • Poloniex
  • Kucoin

It is worth noting due to bch coin news that Bitcoin Cash can be purchased on
these exchanges in various ways. Some exchanges accept fiat money, while others
only accept cryptocurrency payments.
Different exchanges have their own restrictions and requirements for users
wishing to use their services. When opening an account, users are generally
required to provide some form of identification and only use an approved payment

How to buy Bitcoin Cash with cash?

If you want to buy Bitcoin Cash with dollars or other traditional money, you
will have to use special services. The simplest of them are crypto ATMs, that is,
ATMs that work with cryptocurrencies. To buy BCH from such an ATM, you just
need to scan your wallet address and indicate the desired number of coins. After
that, the ATM will indicate how much fiat money needs to be deposited. After you
deposit money at the ATM, the corresponding amount of BCH will be credited to
your wallet. You can find crypto ATMs using Google maps and other services.

Using a peer-to-peer trading system

Peer-to-peer systems connect potential buyers and owners of cryptocurrencies
who want to sell them.

With this service, you can directly exchange fiat money and receive the
corresponding amount of BCH to your wallet. It is important to note that in this
case you will be dealing directly with the owner of the cryptocurrency, which
entails certain risks. Be careful not to leave too much information about yourself in
order not to become a victim of scammers.
A good precaution is not to use the same public key twice; in this case, it will
be more difficult to track your transactions. The public key is your wallet address
that is shared with other blockchain users. By constantly changing your public
address, you ensure your anonymity, and also prevent other users from knowing
how much money you keep in your account. This improves your safety.

How to buy Bitcoin Cash on a cryptocurrency exchange

If you already have other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether
(ETH), you can exchange them for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on one of the
cryptocurrency exchanges. On the dashboard of the exchange, select a
cryptocurrency pair, for example:


After that, indicate how much BCH you want to buy, and the corresponding
amount of the original cryptocurrency will be debited from your account.
Cryptocurrency exchanges allow you to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies,
as well as exchange them for each other. There are many different exchanges: for
example, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitpanda. We recommend exchanges to
those users who do not plan to keep their funds for a long time, but are engaged in
trading or exchanging their crypto assets.

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Users of BCH may find their transactions are approved more quickly, with lower fees. However, users should note the costs of operating a node and storing the full version of the Bitcoin Cash transaction history may be higher.

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