How to Be Creative with Baby Shower Decoration Ideas


Baby showers are a time of celebration for couples expecting a baby. Traditionally, it is reserved for women who celebrate it with their female friends and family members who are expectant.

So, if you have a female friend or a partner expecting a newborn, then it is your time to get creative when decorating a lovely and unforgettable baby shower for them.

Here are a few unique baby shower decoration ideas you can consider as you plan for the next baby shower event.

Settle for an Appropriate Theme

Deciding on the perfect theme is the starting point for decoration ideas for a baby shower. An excellent theme will help everything come together seamlessly.

Different themes exist jungle, oceanic, children base, minimalist, and nautical. The theme you select can be based on what the expectant mother likes or something you find inspirational.

A nature-based theme will be perfect if they like being out in nature. Such a theme would entail wallpapers and items related to nature, such as animals and trees, among others.

The theme you select will also determine the color of the baby shower. A nautical theme will be characterized by blue color, whereas a nature-based theme will be characterized by green color.

Finally, the theme you select will also be decided by the gender of the baby. For girls, colors with appropriate feminine appeal include peach, pink, coral, and rose, while colors for boys are typically neutral such as dark colors.

Select A Baby Shower Outfit

You can take your baby shower decoration to another level by picking a preferred outfit. The outfit you select can be neutral or go hand in hand with the selected theme or the gender of the baby.

White-colored baby shower dress codes are standard. So, you can try something different such multicolored or traditional dress code. The color you choose for the dress code will help add to the decoration appeal of the baby shower.

Baby Shower Photo Booth

A baby shower is a time to create lovely memories which should at least be captured. In that case, you can set up a photo booth at the baby shower venue where everyone can take photos with the expecting mother.

You can establish two or more photo booths with different styles and themes to make things exciting and ensure that the photos are not monotonous. Besides, you should not forget to get a professional baby shower photographer.

Baby Shower Gift Corner

Instead of people coming with their gifts and handing them over directly to the expectant mother, you can establish a gift corner. With the gift corner, guests can place their gifts as they walk into the venue. It can also be a nice place to take photos with all the gifts in the background.

The gifts can then be opened all at once during the gift opening period. You can opt for the gifts to be placed directly on the floor or a table with a decorative table cloth.

The Mother-To-Be Baby Shower Seat

During a baby shower, the pregnant ladies are usually the center of attention as they gear up to usher in their newborn. Consequently, it is their time to celebrate, and it will be nice to make them the center of attention by setting up a lovely sitting place for them. Think of a queen-throne kind of sitting place. The place can be good for the mother-to-be to open her gifts when the time comes.

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7 months ago

Stay organized throughout your pregnancy. The gestation period is very important for the family. You have a lot to do in order to prepare your family and home for the arrival of the baby.
And above all, I advise you to relax!
You may think you’re busy now, but once the baby comes, you’ll have even fewer precious moments to yourself. Be sure to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, and if you’re suffering from sleep disturbances, take naps during the day. See your physician if the situation doesn’t improve

7 months ago

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in the life of every woman. It is so wonderful to feel when a little man lives inside and realize that you will meet soon.
 Have you already thought about how your child’s nursery will look like? Here you can find ideas to help you plan your nursery. You can also tell your friends what they can give you when you celebrate Baby showers. It can be something necessary and important for organizing the design of your baby’s nursery.