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Anchor your site and rank higher in Google

Do you ever wonder why some internet businesses make it while others can’t seem to get off  the ground? Perhaps they have thousands upon thousands of dollars to spend in advertising and marketing? Or, do they know something that others don’t?

Aside from the fact that competition among internet businesses is fiercely spirited, it can be financially daunting as well.  Whether you have a full pocketbook or an empty change purse, there are things you can do in order to rank higher in Google and bring more traffic to your site.

Anchor Text

What is anchor text and how will it help boost your Google rankings? Anchor text is hyperlinked words you will see throughout this article. In other words, any clickable link you see in the article is a hyperlinked text, aka “anchor text”.

An example of an anchor text would be SEO Tutorial. Here you can click on SEO Tutorial and it will take you to the SEO Tutorial part one article. Now, I could have said, “click here” and made the words “click here” a hyperlink. However, how often do you type the words, “click here” into a search engine? Probably never right? When people type in a search box, they are usually searching for something specific. As in Search Engine Optimization and not “click here” In other words, when making a reference to something and using a hyperlink to direct your reader to that information, use key words and not, “click here”.

There are many different keywords you can use for this particular subject such as, SEO rank, or Google rank. Even phrases such as, “how to rank in the top ten Google search.” The key here is to use rich keywords. Keywords in which most humans will be typing into the search engine.

Furthermore, submitting your site to search engines alone is NOT enough to get you ranked in the top ten search engines. Basically, submitting your site to search engines is only telling the search engine your site is alive and kicking.
While search engine submissions are a good way to announce your site, there is much more to getting that top-page-ranking.

For example, if you find that you add a lot of images to your site, then you will want to use the “ALT attribute”. Simply put, images are unreadable to Google. When Google crawls your site pages, these images will get passed by. Therefore, when naming your images consider the following format:

<img src=”image.gif” alt=”my sons first birthday” />

Keep it short and too the point when naming your images. Thus eliminating any confusion between the robots and the humans reading your article.

Things to remember when adding content to your site.

1. Use descriptive anchor text when linking between your pages.
2. Keep your anchor text consistent when linking to the same page.
3. Use keywords in you post that you want to rank high in.
4. Do not use generic terms such as, “click here” or “more information”.
5. Use the ALT attribute when using images to link to pages. This text will not be seen on your page.
6. Use keywords for your pages file names, separated by a hyphen, not an underscore. Search engines will recognize your page as two words.

Example: You name your page, Searchengineoptimization. Google will see this as one word and you will not rank high. However, should you name your page, “search-engine-optimization”, Google will recognize this as three separate words, thus ranking your page much higher.

While choosing the right keywords may not always be easy, it is important that you think about the words you are using as anchor text throughout your post. Be as specific as possible. Think about what you might type in a search engine to find this particular information. Most likely, whatever it is you are typing in, thousands of others are typing in as well.

Last but not least, make sure you use the proper words in your browser title. If you are writing an article on SEO tutorial, then say so. Make your title as precise to the article as possible. Eliminate “filler” words (such as, “it“, “and”, “or” ect.)  Remember, less is better.

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