How Often Should You Go to a Med SPA?


A medical spa or med spa is quickly becoming the go-to spot for beauty enthusiasts. According to the American Med Spa Association, the industry is valued at approximately $10 billion. People don’t mind splashing their coins to get pampered by medical experts in a relaxing atmosphere. With all the benefits they can derive from med spas, can you blame them?

Although visiting a spa is highly beneficial for your physical and emotional being, timing your appointments right is essential if you want to avoid bringing harm to your body in the process. So, how often should you visit a med spa? Here’s a succinct guide for you.

What Is A Medical Spa?

First, let’s define what a med spa is. In simple terms, it is a hybrid between a traditional spa and a cosmetic medical clinic. So ideally, a med spa offers a comprehensive range of services than a typical day spa. Plus, it is not as clinical as a doctor’s office. The environment is relaxing and comfortable compared to a medical clinic. Because of the nature of services offered, a med spa must be overseen, affiliated with, or run by a medical doctor, usually a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Sure, not all procedures are performed by a doctor but they are under close supervision by one.

What Treatments Are Offered In A Medical Spa?

While different spas offer different menus, the common treatments include acne, hair removal, facials, seaweed wraps, massage, and salt glows. Advanced medical spas offer specialized treatments found in a plastic surgery clinic. Some of them include laser treatments, chemical peels and injectables like Botox, Restalyne, and Juvederm.

How Often Should You Go To A Med Spa?

The question of how often one should visit a med spa depends on the treatment you are going for. Here are some of the treatments and their recommended frequencies.

  • Facials

A facial helps the skin get rid of dead skin cells and dirt and boost the growth of new cells. For a healthy, beautiful glow, experts recommend having a facial every three or four weeks. This is the time the skin takes to go through the full cycle of exfoliation and skin cell growth. If you have acne-prone skin, a facial every two weeks will clear the skin. This is also true for oily skin. When you have a facial too frequently, you will only cause harm than good to your skin.

  • Massages

There are no rules when it comes to the frequency of a massage. You can have one as often as you deem necessary. Sadly, many people wait until they have bodily pains and aches before going to a med spa for a massage. A massage has a ton of benefits beyond pain relief. These include relaxation, improved skin tone, improved circulation, reduced stress, lowered blood pressure, and muscle relaxation. Visit a med spa when you simply need to enjoy any of these benefits.

  • Injectables

Your doctor is best-placed to tell you how often you should go in for botox and other injectables. Typically, Botox effects last anywhere between 3 and 6 months. However, if your skin muscles experience less contraction over the course of the treatment, you may go longer before having a Botox. As for Juvederm, the treatment can last as long as 6 months to one year. Finally, expect a Restylane touch up every 3 to 12 months depending on the targeted area and the amount of filler injected.

  • Chemical peels

This largely depends on the specific type of chemical peel in question. If you are doing a light chemical peel, monthly treatments will do the trick. Medium chemicals, on the other hand, are deeper and can only be done every three to six months. As for a deep chemical peel, a single treatment in a lifetime is effective against pre-cancerous growths, coarse wrinkles, extreme sun damage, and scars.

A med spa offers comfort and relaxation while treating a range of beauty conditions. It is no wonder people love visiting one every chance they get. However, unless you are going in for a massage, watch out for too frequent visits to your med spa. Infrequent visits aren’t effective either. Choose a perfect balance to get the best of both worlds.

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