How Mums Can Start To Quit Smoking


Whether you’re a mum who has been smoking for a while or a future mum looking to quit smoking before you become pregnant, it will be in your best interest to try and cut down. Mums should try to avoid smoking around children, but quitting due to nicotine addiction can be difficult. We have compiled a guide on how a mum can start to quit smoking and how they can eventually make it happen. Let’s dive in.

Lower The Amount You Smoke

It’s important to note that any mum looking to quit smoking will not be able to do this overnight. It takes hard work and dedication to quit smoking. You can seek expert support to help you create a quitting strategy, but most of these will contain the same basic information. Reduce the amount you smoke.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Work out how many cigarettes you currently have a day and slowly cut this down. Ease it down daily before cutting down more as the weeks go by. If you can slowly wean off cigarettes one at a time, then it will be easier to quit further down the road.

You should speak to people in your life who have cut down in recent years or managed to quit completely. They will be best placed to provide you with the most relevant advice that could serve you well. 

Search For Alternatives  

A great way for any mum to quit smoking is to start searching for alternatives to smoking. Thankfully, there are many alternatives out there that you can look into. You are probably familiar with nicotine patches and nicotine gum, which can help give someone the nicotine they crave while avoiding sticky tar and tobacco. 

A more popular alternative to smoking that more people are getting involved with, comes in the form of vaping. A vape device can help give anyone the nicotine they crave while also helping them avoid the tar and toxins that are found in cigarettes. 

You should check out Go Smoke Free to find out what sort of e-liquids can be purchased for a vape device. Any mum can find e-liquids that suit a flavour that they enjoy. For example, they could find a fruity flavour or a flavour that suits a sweet tooth. You will find that when you are using a vape that tastes nice, you will soon be able to forget about cigarettes and move past them.

Remove Yourself From Smoking Situations 

Some mums may find that they only smoke in certain situations. For example, they may smoke on the school run while they’re waiting for the kids to finish. Some may be more social smokers, where they only smoke when they’re with friends or going out in general.

If you’re a mum who does this, you should consider what situations you find yourself smoking in. These are known as triggers. You should learn to identify your smoking triggers, as this will help you to find ways to lessen your cravings. Figure out when you crave cigarettes, and you will be able to avoid these situations.

It essentially allows you to plan to resist these cravings. It’s worth noting that cravings are usually only short-lasting. This means that if you can get through the craving without going for a cigarette, then you should be alright.

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Carina Lilly
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15 days ago

Oh, it used to be a huge problem for me, and I can tell you that I finally managed to quit, and now I just smoke weed from time to time.

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