How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost? Comparison By Body Part, Time, And Other Factors


Every person’s body distributes fat cells differently, and if you have extra calories in your regular diet, fat is distributed to other areas of your body in different ways. However, with a CoolSculpting procedure, the fat cell dies and is permanently removed. Coolsculpting freezes your fat cells and removes the excess fat with a vacuum-powered device.

It’s a growing trend for choosing CoolSculpting as a fat removing procedure these days. However, opting for a CoolSculpting procedure is not as easy as having a flat stomach, and for many, the cost is a decision. Coolsculpting costs vary, but it is always on the higher end. It’s a proper medical procedure that requires appropriate resources if you want good results. 

These costs, however, depend upon which part of the body is being treated. The bigger the area or the body part, the higher the treatment fees. Some extra costs that can factor in are: 

  • The provider you choose
  • The area in which you live in 
  • The number of appointment sessions you have with the surgeon. In most cases, it’s a one-time procedure. But some patients might require follow-up treatments. 

If you decide to have CoolSculpting performed on more than one body area, you should inquire about the difference in cost for certain treatment areas. Your surgeon will charge you for each target, so make sure you clarify the price cycle and ask if there are different prices for different applicator sizes. If you’re a smaller person and looking for subtle changes, the cost of CoolSculpting can be less than freezing a little more fat, but more than $1,200, which is for a full-body cold treatment. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average fee per treatment for CoolSculpting was $1,481 in 2017 but this seems rather dated. Other sources point towards a higher cost. According to NJCenterforCoolsculpting, CoolSculpting price ranges from $2000 to $4000. 

Cost Comparison by Body Part


For removing stubborn fat in the upper arms, the cost is around 650 USD, according to With the procedure, each component is treated, so your total cost for the session may be about $1,300. The procedure may take up to 30-35 minutes in total for one session. 


The cost of CoolSculpting for thighs varies to quite an extent. For instance, one procedure in New York charges $1,500 per outer thigh and $750 per inner thigh. Treating these areas on both legs can cost $4,000 or more. The recovery time is the same as above, 30-35 minutes. 


It’s one of the most common areas chosen for the cool sculpting procedure. Some factors like age or pregnancy can make the procedure tricky. The estimated cost is somewhere around 1500 per session. Most providers recommend two sessions. The sessions take anywhere between 35-60 minutes. The results are always permanent. 

Recovery time

According to ASPS, recovery time can be anywhere between four to six months. This is because the body is working to remove the excess fat cells. You’ll usually feel pain or numbness, but it will be gone in a few weeks. You won’t know the effects, and you’ll easily do without taking time off work. 


The best way to really know how much it costs is to get counseling, but it isn’t easy to get a concrete price before meeting them because there are so many factors that affect how many treatments cost. 

After consultation, it isn’t easy to get a price quote for CoolSculpting, but you can see a standard treatment plan to understand the costs and prices. This example can help you figure out how much your treatments will cost, and the actual price still depends on your doctor’s assessment.


CoolSculpting costs usually vary, depending on the size of the body part you want to target, how much fat you have in that area, and the duration of the treatment. Another question that is kept in mind while calculating is how much excess fat you have and how many areas of your body do you want to improve. The treatment time depends on, among other things, which part of the body is treated, which costs are incurred per session, and which factors are taken into account, such as age, weight, body type, and body shape. These are all factors that you need to consider while choosing a CoolSculpting procedure.

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