How Hurricane Windows Can Save You Thousands in Home Insurance Costs


In areas that are prone to hurricanes, high winds and flying debris, it is crucial that homes and buildings have strong, hurricane-rated windows. While the most basic storm-proof windows offer protection from wind and debris, the highest quality options go beyond to provide additional home security benefits, noise reduction, and UV blocking.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Most homeowner insurance companies offer discounted premiums or credits for homes that have been upgraded with protective impact-resistant windows. This is because these storm-proof windows reduce the chance of significant damage from severe wind-related home damages.

Living in Florida means you have to be especially diligent when it comes to hurricane-season preparation. Having impact windows helps to make the season less stressful because you have one less thing to worry about.

Impact-resistant hurricane windows are made of heavy-duty frames and tempered impact glass, which resists powerful winds from a hurricane or wind-borne debris. They protect your home against water, sleet, snow, and hail.

Installing these incredibly full windows in your house might qualify you for a premium savings of up to 45% from your insurance company. To qualify, you’ll need to have impact-resistant windows installed in all openings on your property to meet the mitigation requirements set by your insurer.

Increased Home Value

The strength and durability of hurricane windows add value to your home. They’re also energy efficient and can help you save on utility bills. They’re made of double or even triple-pane glass and can block heat and cold from entering your house, allowing you to maintain the desired temperature without using as much energy.

Unlike conventional single-pane windows, hurricane windows are made of two tempered glass layers bonded together by a polymer layer. This prevents them from shattering into sharp, dangerous shards. When the window is hit by debris during a storm, it will break in a spiderweb pattern rather than into large chunks that could fall onto your living space.

You might get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance if you install hurricane windows. For further information, speak to your insurance company. For more information about the benefits of Hurricane Windows, contact Michelle today. She specializes in residential real estate in Wellington, Florida, and the surrounding area.

Increased Home Security

Most homeowners who live in hurricane-prone areas must have insurance coverage. Installing hurricane windows and doors on your home will get you an insurance discount because they can resist high winds from tropical storms and debris from flying objects. This makes it less likely that you’ll have to file a claim, making your insurer happy and lowering your premium.

Additionally, hurricane windows make your home much more secure against burglars. We’ve seen tests that show how hard it is to break hurricane windows, especially if you try to do so with a sledgehammer. A criminal on the hunt for your valuables will quickly realize that he’ll be in trouble and will likely move onto another house. In addition, hurricane windows minimize outdoor noise pollution, which is great if you want to focus or sleep. This can greatly benefit homeowners with young children or older adults who need to concentrate.

Improved Energy Efficiency

As the name suggests, hurricane windows are designed to protect homes from storm-related debris, such as glass fragments. However, they’re also more energy efficient than standard single-pane windows. This is because they have a more insulated interior. This allows you to keep your air conditioning at a more comfortable temperature and save money on high energy bills throughout the summer and winter.

Unlike traditional windows, which shatter into dangerous shards when struck by fast-moving debris, hurricane windows are made from tempered, impact-resistant glass. This is held together by a polymer chemical that withstands intense force.

In addition, many hurricane windows feature recessed frames that further improve security. This means that potential burglars must exert significant effort to break in. This will likely deter them from trying, especially if they hear noises inside the home. This is another reason homeowners who upgrade their windows can see an increase in their home value.

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