Homemade Hydroponic Grow Room


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without using soil. It helps plants develop larger and more quickly and makes better use of the area available for gardening. Hydroponics can be done inside your own home, freeing you from worries about the season or the weather outside. You can adapt any room of the house to serve as a growing room with a minimum of exertion and few special parts.


As many sheets of cardboard as there are windows in the room
A pair of scissors
Duct tape
4 feet of flexible duct, with a diameter equal to the width of the front of the fan
Glue and glue gun
Opaque blanket
Staple gun and staples

Take out all of the carpeting in the room, if any. Carpets trap water and hydroponic gardening creates a lot of moisture. Wet carpets turn into fertile breeding grounds for insects and disease.

Cut the cardboard up into sheets that are each a little bigger than the windows in your room are. Attach them over all the windows except for one of them. Plants want good light on a unvarying schedule. Electricity costs are commonly at their lowest at nighttime. So it is much better to turn on your lights during the night and keep the grow room lightless during the day.

Open up the sole window that has not been blocked off. Set the fan into that window. Cut a piece out of the last piece of cardboard, so that when you put the sheet over the window, the fan is mostly unobstructed. Tape the cardboard to the wall.

Position one end of the flexible duct over the face of the fan in the window. Glue it to the face of the fan. Tack the duct to the wall so that its free end is near the ceiling. In this position it will be able to draw in the hot air at the top of the room and expel it out the window. This will keep your plants from getting too hot.

Take the door off of its hinges by unscrewing its screws. Staple the blanket to the topmost side of the lintel. Staple all the way across the top. The blanket will help keep the growing room blocked off from the sunlight during the day (and guard your house from the grow lights at nighttime) while permitting a large amount of cooler air to be drawn into the growing room from under the curtain.

Install a single 600 watt sodium grow light every 5 feet on the ceiling, in accordance with the maker’s instructions. Situate your hydroponic systems directly under these lights.

Set the thermostat to 75 degrees through the day for warm season. Set the thermostat to 60 during the night. Set the thermostat to 60 through the daytime and 50 degrees at nighttime for cool season plants.

The fan must at least be able to circulate 200 cubic yards of air each hour, plus an extra 150 for every 600 watt light that you have installed in the grow room in addition to the first. Turn the grow lights on from 8 to 10 hours each day for almost all kinds of plants. Visit JustCraftingAround for more DIY projects.

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