Home Cleaning Tips for People with Allergies


More and more people in our modern world suffer from allergies. Why that is the case is best left to medical professionals. Whatever the reason for allergies may be, the lives of allergy sufferers are affected by this in a very real and sometimes very profound way.

For instance, people allergic to house dust or similar small things need to be very careful about the cleanliness of their home, as well as the places where they go. All Stars Cleaning Service, Fort Collins’ premier cleaning service shares some tips and tricks allergies people should use in their cleaning practice.

Stick to a Schedule

If you don’t have allergies, the worst thing that can happen when you don’t dust your bookshelf for weeks is perhaps a sneeze or a disappointed look from your mother.

However, people with allergies need to be very meticulous about cleaning and need to have a very strict schedule of cleaning. Naturally, it is pretty much impossible to clean the whole house every day.

That’s why many allergic people make a list of things that need to be done every day, every week, and so on. The list depends on the severity of the allergies, as well as the time of the year and other factors.

Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

Believe it or not, it is your floor where the majority of dust and other small particulates can be found. It actually makes sense if you think about it. The floor covers your whole house and gravity will pull everything down to the floor eventually.

That means that you need to pay special attention to the floors. No matter what kind of floor you have, the vacuum cleaner is your best cleaning option. Brooms typically only kick up the dust and may trigger an allergic reaction.

Buying a good vacuum cleaner can be really important, especially if it is fitted with HEPA filters. These specialized filters can pick up really small particles, thus minimizing the amount of dust left in your home.

Don’t Forget Your Curtains and Your Blinds

Most people will simply dust their home and vacuum the floors and consider the place dust-free. And it might be enough for a person without allergies. However, allergy sufferers need to be more vigilant than that.

Both the blinds and curtains are ideal places for dust to collect, and given that they are not cleaned that regularly, they can become a source of problems. Microfiber cloth can help you get rid of the dust from the blinds, whereas your curtains will need to be washed, probably more often than you think.

Hypoallergenic Everything

If you are still experiencing problems despite following all these steps, perhaps you will need to invest in hypoallergenic bedding and mattress. The range of products specifically made for people with allergies doesn’t stop there, but you will need to be the judge of how far you need to take the whole hypoallergenic trend.

Some people claim that hypoallergenic detergent is obligatory, whereas others claim that it provides no tangible difference.

Delegate Home Cleaning

If you are allergic to house dust, chances are that dusting and other cleaning activities are a nightmare for you. Apart from wearing a mask, there is not much stopping you from suffering an allergic reaction.

That’s why some people decide to delegate their home cleaning to house cleaning professionals. These professionals can clean your home quickly and effectively, while you can be away from all the dust.

Allergies are to be taken seriously and most people do – by avoiding the things which cause them allergic problems. Being allergic to house dust can be frustrating, as it is all around us, but there is a way out of that unpleasant situation.

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For wet cleaning, use microfiber cloths and a salt solution of 5 tablespoons of regular salt per bucket of water. You can wash floors, clean up upholstered furniture, wash linens and clothes with all-purpose laundry soap. All of this will make life easier for people with allergies who live with you. 

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