Have fun with Toy Story costumes at Halloween


With such an array of fun characters in the Toy Story franchise, it is easy to choose a Toy Story theme this Halloween.

You can either stick with the main characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie the Cowgirl, and Alien. However, you can also branch out and select one of the many fun Toy Story characters like Wheezie, Forky, Slinky, Army Men, Prospector, Rex or Zurg.

There is a good reason why Toy Story 4 was among the biggest movies of this summer just gone: it was a combination of the beloved main characters and the new faves including Ducky & Bunny, Gabby Gabby, the re-vamped Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, and Forky.

It was almost impossible not to be charmed by this plastic craft project and now that October has rolled around and Halloween is within sight, you can be sure that the aficionados are hunting for the best Toy Story Costume.  

Of course, children are most excited about the newest members of Toy Story’s crew, even when the official costume for Forky appears even more heading for the trash can than the character himself claimed in the movie.  

Created out of a plastic spoon fork combination, Forky has very uneven, which can only be described as googly eyes as well as pipe cleaner arms.

Forky costumes are often effectively black-and-white onesies with a red print that is designed to look like Forky’s bendable limbs. Different masks then show the character’s various expressions, which are meant to look wonky and cute. Beware though because worn in the wrong way the outfit can easily make the wearer look quite frightening and odd.

Indeed, there have been a number of messages about the costume on social media. In actual fact, more than one person has mentioned the word ‘nightmare’ in their Tweets and Facebook posts – but that’s supposedly what people want at Halloween!

However, if and when the full Forky costume turns out to be too much for your youngster, you could always think about just using the mask. Then all that will be required would be some kind of red shirt and some white pants.

If you are older and still want some Forky action, you can revert to DIY or find something that looks like a Forky shirt.  Don’t forget that Forky could not exist without Woody, so for you and your kids to aim for stardom a Woody costume is a way to head.

He might not have played a massive part in the movie, but kids could still be attracted to go to Infinity and Beyond with a Space Ranger outfit. Baby Buzzes are also welcome, with bodysuits and hat combos in the traditional green as well as purple. There are even Buzz suits that come in seven pieces including a jetpack!

Those kids that insist on being fiercely independent may like to get their costume cues from that trailblazer, Bo Peep. They could wear the jumpsuit and belt, don a detachable cape, snap on the head and armbands, but they’ll have to find their own sheep.

To conjure up a similar look for you may cost a lot more but the cape could be converted so it can be worn as a skirt. You are hardly likely to be a doll left sitting on the shelf in a handmade Gabby Gabby outfit complete with extra fullness in the form of two layers of skirts along with white eyelet lace trim.

 The adult version doesn’t need to be handmade, but don’t boast about it! Like the actual Gabby Gabby, it’s important to keep your mouth shut.

If your kid gets to wear a Duke Caboom costume don’t let him try any stunts — because we know only too well how that may end. Make sure the outfit includes the jumpsuit along with a helmet, visor, cape, and, of course, the mustache.

You could always settle simply for the button-down shirt — but you’ll have to provide your own mustache.

How could you forget Jessie? Not only is she Bonnie’s new fave but whoever wears the outfit will have no difficulty attracting fans. If you’re grown-up and dressing like Jessie, you can either opt for the classic look, or you could choose something little more glam.

 To get yourself in the mood seek out a copy of Toy Story of Terror! This 21-minute animated Halloween TV special was produced by and Walt Disney Television Animation along with Pixar Animation Studios.

Released by Walt Disney Pictures it was based on the Toy Story movies and is indeed set following the events of Toy Story 3.

All the favorites like Tom Hanks, Joan Cusack, Tim Allen, Don Rickles, Timothy Dalton, Wallace Shawn, and Kristen Schaal reprise their roles. The story follows the iconic toys as they go on a road trip.

It’s easy to get caught up in the story which really kicks off when a flat tire causes Bonnie and her mom to seek shelter for the night in a mysterious roadside motel.  But then Mr. Potato Head disappears and while the others hunt for him they are caught up in a strange sequence of happenings which lead them to the big conspiracy.

Once you’ve donned your Toy Story costumes there are plenty of themed activities that can be planned for any Toy Story Party.

You could start for example by playing Pin a Badge on Woody, followed by an energetic game of Army Men Hunt.

Whatever you choose to do and wear, you are guaranteed to put smiles on everyone’s face with a Toy Story themed costume.

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