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Alex Toys are so much fun.  Jacob, age 4, and Sarah, age 18, can’t get enough of them. 


The tent is ultra cool, says Jacob.  He really likes acting like he’s in the military, while playing in his tent.  He scoots around on the bottom of the tent, and even sleeps in it.  He says he’s never had more fun.  We have this Base Camp Shelter up in his Grandparents’ yard, and he just has so much fun with it.

Backyard Safari Adventures™ Base Camp Shelter™

  • Stay protected as you sleep under the stars!
  • A lightweight tent that is 40″ tall, has a moisture-proof floor lining, and features cargo net storage pouches.
  • Also features velcro ties for securing gear and D-rings for hanging gear.
  • Includes a collectible, embroidered iron-on patch, and Pop-Up Field Guide.
  • Ages 5+; MSRP $53.00


Jacob loves his Slinky Dog Bunch O Bubbles.  The cute little doggy from Toy Story, blowing bubbles at us.  It’s so fun to see Jacob chase Sarah around with his Slinky Dog Bunch O Bubbles.  He’s been playing with this non stop since it came.  We’ve refilled the bubble container at least 100 times.  He finds something he loves, and he goes with it.  Usually a new toy will hold his attention for 10 minutes, this one is going on 3 weeks.  I know how much he loves this Slinky Dog.

Slinky® Dog Bunch-O-Bubbles

  • Press the button to make Slinky® Dog open his mouth and blow endless bubbles!
  • Big floppy ears, just like in the movie!
  • Includes Bubble Blower and 4oz of bubble solution.
  • Ages 5+; MSRP $20.00


The Slam Rocket Battle Blast is going over very well with Sarah and her boyfriend.  Jacob just sits and laughs as they see who can get their rocket higher.  I love watching my kids have so much fun.  I love Alex Toys for sending us such fun stuff this Summer.  Each person gets three launchers, and the kids just have a blast.  I love their faces when they are playing with these items.

Poof® Strato-Slam Rocket Battle Blast™

  • The race to space is on!
  • Challenge your friends to see who can launch their rocket highest!
  • Comes with 2 launchers, 2 blast chambers and 6 foam-tipped rockets.
  • Ages 5+; MSRP $38.00

All three of the items listed above, I would strongly suggest.  Two for your little ones, and the third for your older kids.  They will thank you, I promise.  I’ve never seen my kids have this much fun.

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