Google’s New Tools will Make your Life more Convenient


Google is constantly remaking the options they deliver to the public and these constant innovations is a welcome change for people who rely on them for gadgets, information and a lot more. Google has always focused on making itself more than just a piece of technology. And they keep showing that in all their endeavours.

A Polite Inclusion

The Google Assistant is now asking for a little more respect which is one of the more ethical additions to tech these days. With companies only focusing on getting ahead, a simple ‘please’ is what makes the Google Assistant on your phone assist you better. The aim of the game here is to teach children how to be polite from the device they are most attached to, which is a pretty good idea to be fair.

A better dashboard

Google will now tell users how many times they have unlocked their phones and what apps they are using more frequently to give them a better idea of how much they use their device. Giving people an idea regarding how much they are using their technology is another helpful tool.

Let Google sort your schedule out

Even though this tool is still in a beta stage, it is one of the most impressive additions. With AI being one of the biggest growing industries, Google using it to their advantage should come as no surprise. This tool allows your phone to take on a more human persona and make calls, booking and more in your name. The human sounding agent does more than just book a table. You are also able to have your agent understand cues given by humans and a seamless conversation seems effortless. Understanding conversation past the simple script gives your phone the ability to give you more time and clear your schedule by taking on the more menial tasks.

Buy with your lens

Ever seen a dress or a bed that you really like but have no idea where to get one from? Google has got your back. You can use the Smart Lens tool to aim at just about anything and find relevant prices, reviews and more. This can take you to online sites where you can buy exactly what you are looking for without scanning through millions of search results. This saves you time and a lot of money from unnecessary impulse buys. You will simply get a list of sites you can visit which will either give you information about the product or a site where you can buy something similar. This product is due to roll out in the coming weeks, giving Google fans a lot to look forward to.

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