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Girl Uninterrupted® PMS Relief Supplement is an all-natural blend of amino acids and herbs that have been specifically formulated to address all the common symptoms of PMS such as cramps, bloating, irritability and lack of focus. My name is Mayling Kajiya and I am the founder of Magpie, LLC and the creator of this formula.

As a woman, I understand and experience what happens to a woman’s body during a monthly cycle. Having a period is not fun. For me, there are three to five days every month that are simply miserable and that is why I went back to school for a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from Cornell University. I spent many years working on the perfect blend of all-natural, plant based ingredients to deal with the discomfort of PMS.

Girl Uninterrupted PMS Supplement contains 5 active ingredients that work together to help you power through your day uninterrupted by PMS. 5-HTP is an amino acid derived from Griffonia Seeds that quickly passes through the blood barrier to the brain and helps elevate serotonin levels that dip dramatically during that part of your cycle. Serotonin is key to regulating moods and the boost of serotonin helps you feel like yourself again. Green tea extract gives you a small bit of caffeine to fight fatigue and bloating, and Saw Palmetto, Red Clover and Chaste Tree Berry are estrogen-supporting herbs that help with PMS symptoms.



I think it is important to also point out that Girl Uninterrupted PMS Supplement is not an over-caffeinated painkiller like other OTC products for PMS. Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are the same drugs for sore throats, fever and muscle aches. They mask pain but do nothing to support the hormonal changes in a woman’s body during her cycle. For more information on the drugs sold for PMS relief versus all-natural solutions, take a look at our infographic at the bottom of this article or on our Pinterest page:

During my career as a certified fitness trainer, I dealt with major monthly interruptions. It stunk having to be “on” and encouraging clients in tight yoga pants, all while exhausted, bloated and feeling crabby. With my background in fitness and health, I wanted to find an alternative to taking monthly painkillers, and so I experimented with the plants and herbs I learned about through the Cornell program. Once I had the right formula, I realized that I was me again, my best self on regular, non PMS days! Pretty soon my friends and family were asking me to make it for them and I realized that PMS is a common bond that we all endure. In November of 2012, I founded this company and worked to source a reputable manufacture right here in the United States who produced the right ingredients, which are GMO-free and vegetarian.

Flash forward to today and now I am a medical school student and am expecting my first child, I won’t have the time to deal with PMS a few months from now. It might be nice to hibernate under the covers for three days, but kids and husbands aren’t going to wait around for your hormones to settle into the happy part of the cycle. Busy moms don’t have time to be slowed down by monthly interruptions and some of our repeat customers also stock up for their stressed out high school and college age daughters!

We designed the package, a compact, to be really discreet and portable, but also flirty, feminine and fun. It does not say “PMS relief” on the compact, so it looks like you are taking a breath mint! Keep one in your desk drawer, your backpack, your gym bag and your purse…one tablet for mild symptoms and two tablets when you really need much stronger PMS relief.

Please visit my website,, for all sorts of information about fitness, nutrition and of course, PMS relief.  Women’s wellness is about the entire person…body, mind and spirit all working in sync.

And as for PMS, there are lots of exercise, sleep and food tips that will help you get through those days…and there is now a science-based, all natural Girl Uninterrupted PMS Relief supplement that curbs all the worst side effects of PMS and gets you back to your best self…fast…



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