Get Summer Ready with Buzz Away Extreme and It is DEET-free

 Buzz Away Extreme, and is a DEET-free, family-friendly, eco-positive mosquito repellant.  You will find with Buzz Away Extreme that it is focused on the person who does not want to use a chemical filled repellant.  This helps with the person that wants to use a natural means to keep the bugs off as well as something that is good for the environment.  Buzz Away Extreme is the most effective natural insect repellant!
This formula contains geranium, citronella, cedarwood, lemongrass and peppermint.  You would be surprised that some of the most effective plant oils for warding off unwanted pests.  Buzz-Away Extreme has been tested by the USDA and has shown to provide 4 hours of protection time against mosquitos.
Get Summer Ready with Buzz Away Extreme and It is DEET-free
Every summer comes with its outdoor picnics, family, and bonfires. It never fails,  the bugs seem to get worse each year and my husband’s legs have paid a heavy price.  It hasn’t mattered what we use the mosquitos seem to have it out for him and I think he gets an allergic reaction to them.  Another thing I do not like about your average mosquito repellent is that it is either stinks or is sticky and it is like you are walking around in a coated fog. It ends up on your lips, hands and so on. But who wants to deal with all of that while trying to enjoy their time? Not me.  It even got so bad one year that my husband didn’t want to go out to anything that was held outside.  So I am very Thankful for Buzz Away Extreme Spray, and the towelettes are great for those that do not like to spray it on themselves.
Get Summer Ready with Buzz Away Extreme and It is DEET-free
With Buzz Away Extreme’s spray or towelette application process and unique blend of natural plant oils are designed to help avoid insect bites over an extended period of time.
Buzz Away Extreme comes in 2, 4, and 8oz spray pump sizes, as well as the towelette and, can be purchased on Amazon, Jet, and  You can also find a store in their  STORE FINDER.

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5 years ago

LOVE Buzz Away! Smells good and really works! That it’s DEET-free makes it even better!