Should I get a GPS Tracking App/Device for My Child?


Parenting is not easy and can be challenging. If you are out in your office, the one thing that could help you is knowing just where your little one is, at all times.

Kids can wander off, explore new places and keep pushing their boundaries. Knowing their location is one less thing to worry about.

With children GPS tracking, it’s one less thing to worry about. Just make your kid wear the tracking device, and you are set!

Why Do You Need to Get a GPS Tracking App For Your Children?

Did your child get off at a wrong stop while going to the school? Did your child leave school? For parents, the questions can be many. And GPS tracking might just be the answer they are looking for.

  1.    It is not too intrusive:

You would want to protect your children, whether they are out on a school picnic, with their friends, or just having an adventure on their own, without letting them feel that you are infringing their privacy.

GPS tracking devices and apps, help you know where your child is without being too interfering. Stop fretting and your child can have a good time.

  1. Children are safe, even in crowded areas:

Afraid to take your child out to a fair or to a crowded marketplace since he can get lost?

GPS tracking devices and apps give you some peace of mind as you know that you can easily track down your child.

  1. It is suitable for children with special needs:

Children with special needs have a tendency to wander off, and it could be difficult to be on your toes all the time.

Special GPS tracking devices and apps come with impressive features – like updates every 30 seconds and a special interface for the school officials so that your child is safe, even when out of your sight.

  1. They can’t be taken away from you easily:

Life has become easier than it used to be. However, criminals have notched up their game too. Consider this – the number of people going missing has increased by over 500% in the last 20 years.

Having a GPS device on your child ensures your child is well connected to all the family members. You get a notification when the device is removed and there is an additional lock feature for children who have a tendency of removing them.

  1. It can even track school buses:

It can also be used to track the movement of school buses in real time, o that the parents can rest assured knowing that their children have reached home or school safely. Moreover, this also means that parents know where exactly the bus is so that the kids don’t have to wait in the rain or storm for the bus to arrive.

What Should You Think Twice About?

Like everything else on this planet, GPS tracking devices and apps have some drawbacks as well. However, these are drawbacks that could be done away with, with just the right parenting.

  1.    It can create resentment among children:

Some children, especially teenagers, may feel that you are using these devices and apps to snoop on them as you don’t trust them. This can potentially create barriers between you and your child.

A lot though depends on how friendly you have been to your child over the growing years. Have you listened to his problems as a friend than just judging him for his actions? Does he confide in you? If kids feel comfortable sharing their stories with their parents, they wouldn’t mind letting you track where they are.

  1. It is easier to get carried away:

Don’t get carried away and monitor all your child’s activities. The purpose is to know whether your child is safe, and that should be the primary objective you shouldn’t forget.

  1. The tendency to over-rely on such devices or apps:

Parents have several responsibilities towards their children. Some of them are teaching children how to look after themselves, how to behave when a stranger approaches them and how to handle oneself in dangerous situations.

Don’t rely on GPS tracking devices too much to miss out on training your children to learn to react to different situations.

Bottom Line:

GPS tracking needs to be done right. If you force it onto your child, they might feel infringed on their privacy, which could impact their behavior and development. Instead, it’s important to take them into confidence first, and build a supportive relationship with your child, offering that extra bit of protection you need.

However, never rely on these devices to take away your responsibility from parenting. Children need to be given their space too as they grow up, and the freedom to go out with their friends – using GPS tracking to hinder their activities isn’t going to work.

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5 years ago

Hey whaddya know, a reasonable parent! I want to be like you when I grow up. My girls are 6 & (almost) 4 and I hope to abide by your philosophy. Thanks for showing it can be done and pay dividends of the most valuable kind – a two way genuine relationship.

A Tatsakura
writing website writer

5 years ago

Thanks for this content on the blog.