Gary Saitowitz Identifies the Comorbidities & Ways They Impact COVID-19


Comorbidities refer to a situation when an individual has two or more underlying health-associated conditions present in them simultaneously. Every health issue is supposed to be having comorbidity. The best instances of comorbidities seem to be when an individual is suffering simultaneously from diabetes and asthma or when an individual is suffering simultaneously from hypertension and clinical depression. 

As per, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity were the most common and frequently present comorbid condition among over 5,000 COVID-19 patients across New York City itself as per the latest study.

We know that COVID-19 is an unknown and very much a new disease. At present, there seems to be limited information and data relating to the impact of comorbidities and whether they are responsible for increasing the risks associated with illnesses like COVID-19. As far as, the latest findings, experts believe that the following conditions could be triggering fatal consequences from the virus causing COVID-19.   

People having a weak immune system seem to be more susceptible to fall victims to serious diseases like the coronavirus infection. Gary Saitowitz says that studies have revealed that patients with pre-existing medical conditions would be encountering a relatively higher rate of mortality in comparison to patients affected with no such comorbidities.

COVID-19 Comorbidities As Highlighted by Gary Saitowitz


If you are having a hypertension issue, it is mandatory to be extra careful so that you can protect yourself from the pandemic. When you have comorbidities such as hypertension or high blood pressure, it would be boosting your chances of contracting COVID-19. The presence of hypertension may trigger adverse symptoms and even end up increasing the chances of coronavirus fatality significantly. 

Hypertension adversely impacts a person’s immunity; hence, it makes it far easier for the coronavirus to not only enter your body but also. End up causing fatal damage. Experts, at present, are advising high blood pressure or hypertension patients to go on following strictly their medication regimen since discontinuation may cause acceleration of high BP issues and its associated consequences.


Patients suffering from chronic Type-2 diabetes or mismanaged sugar levels are certainly more susceptible to serious illnesses just like COVID-19. Many people in Italy and Wuhan became easily susceptible to the current coronavirus infection because of poor glycemic levels. 

People suffering from Type-2 diabetes seem to be more susceptible to ischemic heart disease and obesity. People with obesity seem to be susceptible to health issues such as obesity hypoventilation and sleep apnea syndrome. All these comorbidities boost your chances of serious manifestation and bad results of coronavirus infection.


If you are presently suffering from cancer, it increases your susceptibility in terms of diseases like the COVID-19. We do not have much idea if having a history of cancer may trigger severe issues from COVID-19. 


Discuss a few points with your professionally qualified healthcare providers. Talk without any reservations with your healthcare professionals. You simply should never stop consuming your usual medications. Always ensure that are having a minimum of 30-day stock or supply of your daily medications. You should never delay emergency care and life-saving treatment.

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