Garage Door Sizes – Finding The Best Fit For Your Garage


The garage door is seldom thought about but in reality, is a major fixture in your home.  When we look at the garage door we can see that many of them are the same size, design and color.  However, in some cases with custom designs and new construction, looking for the right door to fit your home can be a challenge.

Measure from every angle

The first thing that you need to do is measure your garage door from every possible angle.  If this is not within your wheelhouse, start looking around because when you need quality garage door services, you may call A1 Garage in Rio Rancho NM to complete the tasks for you.  For those with a little knowledge get a tape measure and start getting your measurements.

Pay attention to vertical clearance

One thing that you really need to pay attention to is the vertical clearance of your doors.  If you are going to have some type or storage above your garage or if you have items that are hanging down that can’t be moved, you will want to make sure that the door that you install won’t hit these items or get stuck in any other way.

What type of car are you driving?

Another factor that you will want to consider is the type of vehicle you are driving.  Many vehicles will have roof racks or antennas that won’t retract.  These items can seriously hinder your usage of the garage as they impact the clearances and functionality.

If you plan on having multiple cars in your garage, which side of the garage each car will park will also play a key role.  If you park on the left and your spouse on the right will this be good all the time or will switching sides from time to time be an option you want?

The garage purpose

You will also want to keep in mind the purpose of your garage.  Will you be opening and closing your garage door constantly or will it mostly be closed?  What about the weather in your area?  Do you get a lot of snow or storms?  If it snows will your door become blocked and unmovable?  If you have a garage door that swings out compared to up will that cause problems?

Repair and upkeep

When choosing your door you will also want to see what repairs or upkeep may be needed.  If you have a garage door with glass windows, what would it cost to replace the glass as well as time and effort in replacing them yourself?

Colors and patterns

Typically garage doors will be made out of wood, metal or vinyl.  With each of these materials you will be able to have different colors, but if you accidently hit the door or have the kids run into them with your bike, what damage will there be?

When it comes to choosing the door, these are just a few of the questions that you need to consider.  However, with a little time, research and investigation you can find the perfect garage door for your needs.  

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