Frozen Pipes Make Big Messes – Keep Your Home Protected!


It’s no secret that frozen pipes are a homeowners worst nightmare. If you live in an area where the temperatures get really, really cold you may have had to deal with frozen pipes a time or two. 

Don’t let that become the norm in your house. DId you know that there is actually a club that you can join that will provide protection to your pipes and your home? Yes, I’m 100% serious. Talk about a great way to get peace of mind when the weather starts to turn cold!

WIth United Septic Protection & Plumbing Club, you’ll never have to worry about paying high prices for a plumber again.


Other great benefits of joining the plumbing club?

  • Your first month is free

Worried that it might not be for you? Give them a chance to show you that it is and your first month is free! You can’t be free, right?

  • Any licensed plumber in your area is covered by the club

It’s literally that simple. Don’t waste your time searching for a plumber…when you’re with the club, you know that all licensed plumbers can and will work just fine!

  • Worried about submitting claims? Don’t be.

There’s no limit on the number of claims that you can submit, so if something happens to your pipes, you know that you can get help. Doesn’t that take a load of stress off your shoulders? 

With cold weather literally happening right now, it’s the perfect time to get signed up and joined! Don’t wait until it’s too late! Be proactive in protecting your pipes and your home! 

Contact them directly and get all the answers to your questions! Click HERE

Trust me, you’ll love being a part of this club! It’s a great way to know that if something happens, your pipes and home are in trusted hands! 




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This club sounds awesome! I could benefit from being apart of this for my housing needs specifically plumbing


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on United Septic Protection & Plumbing Club. Joining is not something we thing about because it deals with pipes…and then something bad happens and we wish we participated to have that peace of mind!

Jaclyn Thrift

Sounds good to me. I need a plumber few times a year.


I would certainly love this as many of things I cannot do in my kitchen, such as black basin.

Becca Wilson
Becca Wilson

Frozen pipes can definitely be such a nightmare. When it starts to get cold – we always leave a small drop going because this is something that we never want to have to do deal with. Plumbing is not my husband’s forte to be able to fix ourselves.


Seriously? We had 10 broken pipes last year! No I am not joking, will definitely be signing up for this!

Melissa Cushing

This is a fabulous service for my parents who live in the NorthEast! This way we know that they will be OK when we are not there to do it for them. Will check this out… thank you!

Stephanie Jeannot

Sounds like a pretty cool club to be a part of. Who knows when problems like this can happen.