Four Reasons to Consider Dental Implants


If you are currently wearing dentures, you may want to consider switching to dental implants. There are several advantages that dental implants have over dentures, and you might want to consider how much better the quality of your life will be once you have implants in your mouth.

Your bite will be better
In fact, your bite will be the same as if you have your original teeth. No longer will you need to pay attention to what you are eating or are about to eat. You can take a bite out of anything without worrying about what will happen to your teeth or whether your dentures will be able to get the job done. With dentures, certain foods may need to be cut before eating them. An apple is a popular example, but with dental implant, you can take a big bite of an apple just as would be able to with your natural teeth.

There is no problem with your teeth slipping
One problem that denture wearers have is experiencing slippage. This can happen while eating, but just as likely, it can happen with a physical activity. The solution is to use a denture adhesive. Although this offers benefits, it can be chore applying the adhesive, and of course, it the dentures will need special attention when cleaning. Even with all of this effort, the adhesive will never provide the same experience as dental implants, because they are like having your natural teeth, so eating is no longer an activity that takes a great amount of caution.

No problems with your gums
Dentures can create irritation to both your mouth and gums. For many people, this can be a persistent problem. Once you have dental implants installed in your mouth, you no longer will be bothered by the numerous issues with your gums that are the direct result of wearing dentures.

No problems with the fit
Over time, your dentures may need to be replaced with a set that conforms to your mouth. In fact, it is recommended by most dentists to have your mouth and dentures checked every six months. This is due to changes that take place in your gums, because the anchoring that natural teeth have in your mouth, your gums retain their shape. Once you have dental implants, your gums will hold their shape; you will not have to make any changes.

Not every dentist offers dental implants, but there are several who do. One example of a Fort Myers Dentist that offers dental implants is Dr. George L Whiteside.

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Natalie Brown
Natalie Brown

I don’t need dentures yet but, if I did, I would certainly rather have the dental implants. They’re expensive. I think they’d be worth it though. Thank-you for the information!!