Four Destinations in the American Southwest for an Educational and Entertaining Experience


Culture and Cacti:

Although the summer weather is slowly slipping away, you may have time to squeeze in just one more vacation before shifting gears back to the real world and the frigid weather that awaits. The American southwest is an ideal destination for soaking up these last few rays of sunshine and warmth, while enjoying all of the historical sites and cultural centers this region has to offer. To plan your trip around excitement and enrichment, consider the following four must-see spots for tourists.

1. The Dallas Cultural Center

Discover African American culture from an entirely new angle at the South Dallas Cultural Center in Dallas, Texas. The center is located just outside of the Fair Park complex, and offers everything from informative classes to fiery jazz performances for the perfect blend of education and entertainment. The center is always featuring a variety of programs that highlight the diversity and liveliness of the African Diaspora. The ultimate mission of the center is to inspire a diverse audience of visitors through the visual, literary, media and performing arts brought about by this unique culture.

2. Chickasaw Cultural Center

Celebrate one of the Native American tribes that built the foundation for this great country at the Dallas Native American Museum, which offers an insider’s look at another rich and dynamic culture. At the center, visitors can listen to engaging stories, view cultural ceremonies at the Kochcha’ Aabiniili’ Amphitheater or enjoy an interactive audio-visual display of the Chickasaw’s prized relationship with the natural world at the Spirit Forest exhibit. With such an extensive campus and vast woodlands and gardens surrounding the area, you can gain a more holistic understanding of this inspirational culture.

3. Route 66

You don’t have to rent a fiery red convertible to speed down America’s longest highway system, but it may make your experience slightly more authentic. Historic Route 66 is often referenced and depicted in American pop culture and media–making it an iconic U.S. landmark. This scenic route stretches across seven states and allows drivers to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Arizona’s rock formations, quaint vintage gas stations along the side of the road, vast landscapes with mountains off in the distance and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

4. The Alamo

One of the greatest battles in American history took place at The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, in the year 1836. To this day, the historical significance and inspirational story behind this battle is preserved and celebrated in the very same area where the fight took place. Visitors can do their part to “Remember the Alamo” by studying the battle in depth at the Shrine, the Long Barrack Museum and the Gift Museum located on Alamo Plaza in downtown San Antonio. After brushing up on your Lone Star State history, you can take a scenic stroll through Alamo Gardens along the picturesque River Walk for some quiet reflection time after viewing these educational centers.

Culture and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive benefits of your vacation when you choose just one or all of the four must-see destinations listed above. The American southwest offers a dynamic experience for tourists, which is why your itinerary should reflect this variety of activities. With these areas in mind, you’re sure to see the southwest in all of its warmth and beauty during your last excursion of the summer.





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