Five Perfect Nursery Items For Your Newborn Child


Before welcoming your child to the world, there’s often a “must have” preparation list. This list is essential so you don’t get caught unaware when your baby comes. One very important part of this list is the nursery which is your baby’s bedroom – and a place you’ll be spending a lot of your spare time.

When preparing for a baby’s nursery, most parents go overboard and that is fine. Welcoming a baby is exciting! Still during the excitement in preparing for your baby’s arrival, there are some items you need to include in your baby’s nursery for it to be perfect. 5 perfect nursery items for your newborn child  include:

A Crib

Baby cribs are the most important part of a nursery and to have a complete nursery, a baby crib must be available. The crib is where your baby will sleep and babies are asleep about 50% of the time. Don’t assume you’ll be carrying your baby most of the time and won’t need a crib. Eventually you will definitely need to put your child down hence you’ll need a crib. Baby cribs come in different types like a simple bassinet, a standard crib, a convertible, a multifunctional crib and so on.

Standard cribs are fixed cribs with only one purpose which is for sleeping. They are also the most popular type of cribs. Bassinets are portable cribs which can be folded and moved around easily. They are similar to a baby cot. Convertible cribs, just like the name, can convert from a crib to a headboard and even a daybed. The multifunctional crib usually have drawers for your baby’s clothes and changing tables. This way they serve more than one purpose. For parents shopping on a budget, the multifunctional crib is a great choice.

Note that when choosing a type of crib for your child, your major concern should be how safe it is. In order to achieve this, ensure you buy quality cribs. Also follow the instructions when setting up your crib to make sure it’s firm. The last thing you want is your  baby’s crib dismantling when he/she sleeps. Other factors which can influence your choice of cribs can be the sex of your baby which can help you in choosing the crib color and so on. Lastly ensure the crib is not too big for the nursery.

A Dresser

A baby dresser is another perfect item for your baby’s room. It is  furniture where you store your baby’s clothes, blankets, shoes and toys. Baby dressers are made particularly for your baby belongings which is why they are perfect items for nursery.

Organization is essential in your nursery. Every item needs to be in order hence you also cannot have your baby’s clothes or toys thrown all over the nursery. A disorganized nursery can hinder you from carrying out your parental duties such as finding the appropriate cloth or tripping over a toy on the ground. So when shopping for your baby’s nursery, ensure a dresser is on the list. This way you can know where to keep your baby’s belongings and where to find them. When choosing a dresser, ensure it’s suitable for the nursery in size.

A Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are secondary nursery items but they are also perfect for the nursery. As a mother, after having a baby, your doctor will most likely give you different breastfeeding styles and one of them involves sitting back on a chair where you can relax while feeding your baby. Rocking chairs are perfect for breastfeeding.

Also rocking chairs are great for rocking your baby to sleep or just bonding with them. There are times when your baby would want you to move around with him/her and sometimes you might be too tired to actally walk. Rocking chairs work great for these situations. They are also good for taking naps. When choosing a rocking chair, try out your options to ensure to choose a comfortable chair.

A Changing Table

Changing tables are nursery essentials. They are designed to make changing your baby’s diapers easier and more effective. They also have some drawers for you to store your baby’s diapers, wipes, powder and so on. Changing tables also help with organization in the nursery. With a changing table you know where to store and search for diapers.

Despite being able to change your baby’s diapers on a bed or on a couch, it’s essential that you have this table in the nursery because it also contains other changing essentials. To get the perfect changing table ensure you a quality one.

Drapes and Bedding

Drapes and Bedding are perfect items you need for your baby’s nursery. They not only make the nursery more colorful, they also make you and your baby comfortable when in the nursery. Drapes are necessary for the nursery windows to keep out sunlight and also to protect the view of your nursery from outsiders. When choosing your baby’s drapes make sure you go for bright colored drapes such as white, cream, pink, light blue, or a blend of light and dark colors. Drapes with cartoon characters or fascinating patterns will also be great for your baby’s nursery.

Your baby’s beddings comprise of the flat bed sheet, flat top sheet which can be a duvet or blanket and the pillow case. For your baby’s bed, cotton materials are best as they are very comfortable to sleep in. The perfect bedding will provide your baby warmth, hygiene and protection from harsh mattresses. Bright colored beddings also make perfect decorations for your baby nursery.


When shopping for your child’s nursery, you will most likely come through a large list of items. Before choosing out other items, your baby’s cot, dresser, changing tables and rocking chair should be the first nursery items on the list. These 5 items will provide you with the perfect nursery which will suit all your baby’s needs and make your parenting duties easier.

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