Five Common Evening Dress Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


An evening dress should make you feel like the belle of the ball. So, it’s important to avoid making common mistakes with your dress if you want to look elegant, stylish, and attractive. Read on to find out more.

Make Sure the Cut of Your Cutout Dress Works

From shoulder-long slim dresses to off-shoulder glittery dresses, high end evening dresses come in many styles. So, you need to make sure you buy the right type to flatter your figure. One popular choice these days is cutout dresses. However, if the cutout isn’t tailored correctly, it can be unflattering to your shape and even make you look trashy. That’s exactly the opposite of what you need for a sophisticated and elegant evening dress! Generally, cutout dresses look best when the cutouts are above your natural waistline. Low backs and high slits can make you appear very elegant too.

Avoid Neon Dresses and Flashy Colors

Chanel and Givenchy may be able to make neon-colored dresses look stylish. But the chances are your local boutique cannot. Unless you’re buying an expensive designer dress, avoid neon dresses at all costs. You won’t look classy in an off-the-peg neon dress, and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb at a formal event. Generally speaking, flashy bright colors are best avoided as well. Although some women can pull off bright colors for evening dresses, if you want to avoid looking cheap, it’s best to stick to lighter tones like pastels and white, or dark colors like classic blue and black.

Nude-Paneling Only Works When Done Correctly

Wearing an evening dress with nude mesh paneling can be a luxurious look. But it only works if the panels are thin, and the color matches your skin tone. Too many women make the mistake of not following those rules. Nude mesh paneling can be excellent for smoothing overexposed skin areas that cutouts and other daring dresses leave exposed. But if you opt for an inexpensive dress that doesn’t compliment your skin tone, you’re making a big mistake.

Avoid Evening Dresses with Stark Contrasts Between the Top and Bottom

Unless you’re a Hollywood star walking down the red carpet, it’s best to avoid dresses that looks like two different dresses cut in half and sewn together. Don’t make the common mistake of trying to emulate your favorite actress or model, because nine times out of ten, you won’t be able to pull off wearing a dress with stark contrasts between the top and bottom.

Be Careful When Preparing Two Outfits for One Night

You might have the most luxurious and eye-catching evening dress in the world. But if you wear a short dress underneath, so you are ready to go clubbing immediately after a function, it’s vital the short dress is not visible underneath your evening dress. If you’re planning to wear a clubbing dress underneath, make sure your evening dress isn’t too lightweight, and it has elements like abstract prints and embellishments so that your under-dress doesn’t show through.

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Your ‘Be careful when preparing two outfits for one night’, just brought back memories. Most of us have made some of these mistakes discussed here. My advice will be, prepare your outfit ahead of time. These mistakes happen mostly when you have little time to prepare.