How an Extension Can Improve and Add Value to Your Home


Choosing to extend your house will mean that you get more enjoyment from your home, can customize it to your family’s specific needs and requirements, and add immense value to it should you ever want to sell.

Simply consult with a contractor (who holds a full license for general contractors) to get an idea of what building work would be possible for your home. They are qualified in multiple areas of building and construction, so can get all the work you want to be done quickly and efficiently.

There are plenty of different ways to extend your home. We’ve listed the top extension ideas that people love, with the added bonus of being able to sell your home for a high profit when the time comes.


Especially in sunny climates, conservatories are amazing for taking in outdoor sights and feeling warm while staying indoors. They are all-glass attachments, usually placed at the back of the house, furnished with relaxing décor. They bring in plenty of natural light to the home and are ideal for lounging. Come home from a long day at work to unwind in your conservatory with a beverage and enjoy the sunset without needing to set foot outside.

Attic Conversion

Do you have a large attic space that you barely use? This could be converted into a chic extra bedroom. Attic converted bedrooms are perfect for teenagers to feel like they have some extra privacy at home; or can be great master bedrooms complete with beautiful skylights for watching the stars.


Adding private bathrooms to bedrooms improves value considerably. Consider installing one for your master bedroom at least. The benefits of having your own bathroom undisturbed by the rest of the household is phenomenal – you’ll never want to be without one again!


These can be either attached to the house or separate, and act as a fully-functioning separate house from the main home. They are sometimes referred to as ‘granny annexes’ due to their popularity of use for having your older parents live with you but not in the main family home. However, they are an excellent idea for using as a summer house; an extra living area that you can rent out to gain some extra income; or just so those older children still living at home can have their own space.

Pool House

Like an annex, this space could be attached to the house or not; but pool houses are specifically so that you can enjoy an indoor pool on your own property. These are a luxury not suited to everyone’s budget, but if you can have one, it’s highly worth considering! Indoor pools get less dirty and mean that you can enjoy swimming for exercise or relaxation whatever the weather – and without leaving the house.

Outdoor Porch or Veranda

Create a wood decking area outside your property, perfect for the summer months. Hold BBQs for friends and family, eat a romantic al fresco dinner, enjoy an evening drink, or simply sit outside and watch the world go by from your porch or veranda. They are a great idea if you want to have an outside space that doesn’t involve stepping on grass, with a roof so that you can enjoy fresh air while being protected from the elements. Add an outdoor heater so you can sit outside swaddled in blankets on chilly evenings.


Adding off-road parking to your property will not only be convenient for you but is a huge plus for house-hunters – especially if this parking space is indoors, that you can protect your car from all weather conditions and spend less time cleaning it. Garages aren’t only great for parking but add tons of extra storage space to your home, where you can keep your gardening tools and anything else that you don’t want to bring inside the house.

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