Essential Packing Guide: How To Pick The Right Packaging Material?


Whether you are shipping a laptop or a handful of essential documents, the right packaging material is of grave importance. After all, the essence of a shipment lies in receiving it in a safe and intact state. So, it is extremely important that you choose the right material of the box before shipping.

But, how do you go about it? Here’s an easy guide that will help you learn how to pick the right packaging material for your parcel.

  1. Start by checking your packing needs

This will help you understand which material is best fit for the type of goods you wish to send. This is key when it comes to preventing shipment damage. These are the main factors you must consider to determine your packaging needs.

  1. Weight
  2. Shape and size
  3. Type of contents
  4. Fragility
  1. Pick the right material

Here’s where the treasure lies. Packing your shipment with care will prevent your parcel from any damage during transportation. If you choose the shipping services of DHL Express, then you will be provided with a variety of packaging supplies that are tried and tested for durability. However, if you’re using your own materials, then this is what you need to note:

  • For parcels, always go for high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes. For heavy or fragile items, double or triple-wall constructions are recommended.
  • Reusing old boxes to pack your parcels is not recommended.
  • Refer to the box specifications and then pick one according to the weight of your shipment.
  • To know about the construction type and strength of the box, refer to the manufacturer’s stamp.

How to choose the right internal packaging materials

Airbags, bubble wraps, foam pellets, and cardboards are all commonly used as container shipping materials. Though each of them have different qualities, it is crucial to use them appropriately. The table below will help you decide what material is best suited for your packaging needs.


Items Materials How to use
For non-fragile goods like machinery and metal parts,  printed matters, etc. Strong plastic bag, cardboard box, foam wraps These items may get affected by moisture or staining. Thus, they should be placed in a plastic bag first, and then into a cardboard box for extra protection. Use foam wraps within the box to fill void spaces.
For fragile goods like ceramics, glassware, etc. Two cardboard boxes and air bags First, you need to fill the empty spaces of the two boxes using air bags. One box should be slightly larger than the other. This way, you can keep the fragile items in the smaller box and then place it in the larger box for additional protection.
For liquids Styrofoam Use leak-free containers to store the liquids and then wrap them with Styrofoam. Use a plastic bag before putting them into a strong double-wall box.
For greasy, semi-liquids, or strong smelling substances Grease-resistant paper, double-wall cardboard box First, seal these substances with an adhesive tape. Then, wrap using a grease-resistant paper before putting them into a strong double-wall box.


For powders and fine grains Plastic bags, fiberboard box These ingredients must be tightly sealed and placed in strong plastic bags and then packed within a firm fiberboard box.
For single documents (24 pages or 500g) DHL Envelope Place the documents in a DHL Envelope, seal it and then place it in a DHL Flyer Bag for additional protection against stains or moisture.
For multiple documents (2kg) DHL Flyer Bag, rigid card piece First, secure the documents in an envelope or folder. Then place it in a DHL Flyer Bag. Place a sturdy piece of card inside the bag to reduce movement.
For multiple documents (Above 2kg) Bubble wraps, sturdy box First, prepare a robust box and then fill up its void spaces using bubble wraps to prevent any movement during transit.


So, if your shipment contains any of the items mentioned above in the table, then you know which material to pick. A little precaution will go a long way in protecting your parcel and keeping it intact.

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